ULOG (HOWTO): Extract Botanical Insecicide From Neem Plant

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Hello Uloggers, its another cool and clear morning here at my location.

Today, i woke late, and that was because i slept very late. Well it was a good night rest for me.

I started this howto in my two previous post under the #ulog tag.

Gratitudes to @teardrops on how to post properly using the tag.

In continuation from where i paused yesterday, i will give more updates.

Recall i shared the image of the neem plants that have been spread out for airdrying. It may take 2 - 3 days at least to dry properly at room temperature.


While air drying yesterday, i tried to seperate the leaves from the stem. This will also increase the rate at which the leaves dries up.


By this morning before leaving home the moisture content has reduced drastically.

You will also notice the leaves are now brownish and folding.

Tommorow will be another day to give another update, i do hope the drying process would have completed by then, so as to move to the next stage.

Please stay tuned! You may check previous posts on my blog @factism.

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Questions and inquiries will be attended to. Stay tuned as i go step by step. Thank you

Thank you for your regular support sir, i am always appreciative.


You are welcome, its my own little way of supporting nenwbies like you.