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RE: Ulog No. 62: "Hooked on Cricket"

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I am sorry about your husband. How long has he been gone, mind if I ask? Yes, watching sports program is only enjoyable when I watch it with my husband. It's one of the things that we do to spend time together.
I watch any sport except golf and racing as I would rather sleep than watch those.

Yes, cricket is popular only in England, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan and the West Indies. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, too.

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My Bob will be gone 10 years in March. My son and I watch the Superbowl together every year. We enjoy the ads more than the game.

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We enjoy the ads more than the game.

I have never met a person who enjoys the TV ads more than the show. 😆

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Lol, you have now! It is just the Superbowl ads. Companies go all out for these ads, because they know there will be over 100 million viewers. Here is a video of of some of the best commercials from last year. Australia's Tourism Bureau had one of the top commercials!

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Wow! I don't blame you. Those are really cool ads! I have never seen any of those, well, since I haven't watched a Superbowl game.

Totally loved the Australian tourism ad!!!

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