#ulog: Homemade Oreo Ice Cream

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Hi uloggers and steemit friends.. Because it's summer, This recipe is perfect for summer refreshment.
Today I'll share to you my Homemade Ice Cream Recipe..

Are you ready..?

Let's start with the INGREDIENTS:

330ml Condensed milk
440ml all-purpose cream
Oreo biscuits /tiramisu thin
Chocolate syrup (optional)
chocolate for toppings (optional)


  1. Using electric mixer. Mix all-purpose cream for about 5mins on high speed or until double in size.

  2. Add condensed milk portion by portion and mix with electric mixer.


  1. Pour into container and put some toppings..

  2. Put into fridge for about 6hours or overnight for better result..

Enjoy your homemade ice cream..

Until next time uloggers..


Here is my related link for Recipe: No Bake Fudgy Brownies


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Hola @cjsean ,que rica receta en cualquier momento preparo ,soy adicta al chocolate


Hola @maggy7419 thanks for stopping by..
Why not try to make it..
It's so easy to prepare huh..? 😊😊
I tell you It's so nice.😄👍


Si lo hare este in con mis hijos ,gracias