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The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His precious blood that washed away my sins are the only reasons I am still breathing and living. Without these, I am worth nothing in this world. Jesus made my life worthy for the testimony of His love and grace for the world. Without Christ, I am lost. I have no purpose.

Jesus gave me a purpose, that is, to proclaim His love and goodness to those who are lost in sin just as I was. This is my race in this life and with God's help I will finish this race through Him that gives me strength from day to day.


I do not deserve His love and mercy but Jesus wants us to be with Him in the paradise the Father has prepared. The gift of eternal life has been revealed to those who received God's grace and mercy and those who believe in Jesus Christ. It is my joy to offer my life as a living sacrifice for His ministry because, after all, the life I am living now is a gift from Him who created me.

I have nothing to boast for myself because I am empty and worth nothing. But in Christ Jesus I am a new creation. My life is now worth living because I have been given a purpose. That is to proclaim that Jesus is the Saviour and Lord and to glorify God the Father who provides and sustains all.

But I do not consider my life as something of value or dear to me, so that I may [with joy] finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify faithfully of the good news of God’s [precious, undeserved] grace [which makes us free of the guilt of sin and grants us eternal life].

ACTS 20:24 AMP

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Hi family, note that the whole ecosystem for the Teardrops SMT will be built around "certified uloggers". It will reward "proof of tears" or "mining the human" and will be used also as a token of influence on 3 steem-based interfaces, steemgigs.org, ulogs.org and macrohard all of which are modeled to "mine the human" into its awesomest version and all of which will be built around "a growing list of certified uloggers". It is time to grow this list and gather now. Note that the teardrops smt will seek to reward "past deeds". It should be loved and succeed, bulls or bears because "human" is involved. Thus, we will build this token around "certified uloggers" as these ones are "true celebrities" who are also "true fans" of human and ofcourse of the "teardrops token", which is "an emblem of human".

It is time to gather now.

Kindly help me participate by going through this google form and filling it up, if you have done a post at any time, under any of these tags, #ulog #untalented #steemgigs #teardrops #surpassinggoogle.


If you have never done a post under any of the tags mentioned earlier above, please read this form carefully and participate, by filling it up:


Consider contributing a video ulogacy for uloggerstv

We will gradually be sending out a URL linking to exclusive chat-rooms for "certified uloggers". We will send this in an email.

Please share appropriate form to any friend or acquaintance, who has a steem account.

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This is great news. I will definitely engage in this. As usual, great idea from @surpassinggoogle.