Bozzlife Ulog: #birthdaymealchallenge freebie followup.

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About a week ago, I wrote this post talking about my birthday weekend and what I was going to do to celebrate since @mrsbozz wasn't feeling the best. She actually ended up missing three days of work from her illness and personally I think it will take another week or two for her to fully recover.

As I had planned, I stopped on my way home from work and I picked up this New York Strip steak from a local butcher shop. They had some really nice looking ribeyes, but I felt the strip had a bit more marbling so I went ahead and got that. I didn't get a picture from the side, but it was cut very thick, probably two inches thick if I had to guess. Overall, I was really excited about getting this piece of meat onto the grill.


I also prepped some brussel sprouts to cook on the grill as well. I trimmed the ends off and peeled away some of the uglier leaves before cutting them in half. I then drizzled some olive oil before sprinkling them with salt and pepper. I put them in my grill basket and they were all set to be cooked.

They were calling for rain later in the evening and all day Saturday, so I did my best to get the grill going as quickly as possible. I was also taking care of stuff around the house and seeing to @mrsbozz's needs.


I don't have a picture from cutting into the steak because truthfully with everything I had going on, I actually under-cooked it a little. I don't really mind, but if I had it to do over again, I would have left it on the grill a little longer. The same goes for the sprouts. They were a little underdone as well. Next time I will make sure to do better. The flavor from the steak was so great that I will not hesitate to buy beef from that little butcher shop in the future.


Sadly, I got zero official entries into my #birthdaymealchallenge. Due to that fact, I took the five SBI (Steem Basic Income) shares I was going to donate to people who submitted and I split them among the two users who actually posted about their favorite birthday meal in the comments. Congrats to @steevc and @tattoodjay for those awards.

In the future I will try to do a better job of making my challenges more accessible to everyone. I was hoping to get some really great responses with beautiful pictures by requiring it to be an actual post. That might be a bit too much work for some people though, so in the future I will probably just allow submissions via comment. That seems to be about all most people can handle these days.

I know I am probably coming off as bitter, but really I am just a little sad to realize that either 1. not as many people as I thought were reading my blog as I thought, or 2. they are reading it, but they just don't care. Thank you to all of those that sent their regrets for not having the time to participate (@daan and @joanstewart). I get how busy life can be and your thoughts are definitely appreciated.

Also a huge thanks to everyone who wished @mrsbozz well. We both appreciate your thoughts!

All pictures were taken by me.


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Even if a little undercooked the Steak does look so good and tasty

I blame my lack of entry based on the fact that I cant find NZ Lamb here, trust me if I had found it I would have done a post of it fresh In the over with roast veggies and served on the table with Mint Sauce ;)

Thanks so much for the SBI Shares appreciated and thanks for being an active mmember of SteemUSA !tip

Hey, now problem. I would have loved to have seen that post! I totally get your point though, why settle for lesser quality meat! The steak had great flavor, it was just a little more blue than red I think. Had my wife been feeling a little better I am sure she would have had the energy to comment on how undercooked it was. I am looking forward to getting a steak from this place again and cooking it right next time.

Next time you will cook it just perfectly i am sure ;)

I have literally been searching for hours and hours over the last few days trying to find contest to enter and other ways to try and get more exposure and rewards for my activities on steemit, particularly relating to food...I would have loved to enter your contest but I don't know if I ever saw it, over looked it or missed it altogether? I can tell you it's been quite overwhelming for me, there is just so much content to sift through, I end up with about 20 tabs open in my browser at the same time as using my partiko app because on my way to finding something I see and handful of links to other posts that have the potential to be what I'm after and I don't want to miss anything but I'm trying to take in too much at once and it all just turns to jelly in my head! I will follow you though and hopefully join in on your next contest whenever that may be 😊

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Thanks, I appreciate it and no worries at all. I have four monitors on my computer at work and about ten tabs open on each screen. I am with you, it can be totally overwhelming at times. Imagine how crazy it was when Steem was over $5 and everyone was trying to snag a contest win or upvote! That's what it was like when I started on here. I think we will be back there one day. Check out and steemkitchen if you get a chance sometime and you are passionate about food.

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Oh cheers, will definitely check them out :)

I feel pretty good that within 3 months I have a reputation score of 54 and enough SP to dip my toe into the waters of investing/delegating options, my numbers/stats look acceptable (to me at least) but I still feel like such a noob most days, I guess that will fade quite quickly once I see some real revenue develop in my steemit, wow, steem over $5? Now there's a whole lot of crazy on a different wavelength - the grass always looks greener when you only know one side of the fence though doesn't it :)

My partner has 3 monitors just for personal use at home so I totally get the IT overkill thing ;)

Cheers for the chat, will prob "bump" into you again soon :)

Now that is a good looking chunk of meat!

It's hard to get people to participate in things - back in the 'good ol days' everyone was looking for freebie opportunities. Just wait, when STEEM hits a $, there will be TONS of participation, dear.

Yeah, I have to agree with you. Back in the day I probably would have gotten at least ten submissions... It really was an awesome steak if not a little undercooked. If you are ever up along the coast of Lake Huron in the Linwood area I will tell you where to stop to get one yourself!

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Now what you cooked above is more along the lines of crazy things I enjoy, brings out the caveman in me, I enjoy a braai (BBQ), would more than likely do that for a birthday if it is not as hot/humid as hell in the month.

Congrats to deserved wins with @steevc and @tattoodjay!

Great to hear you are looking after wifey and sound like you chipper after your birthday.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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Thanks for the SBI. I may have missed some details of the contest. It's best to make them as simple as possible. Food posts are pretty popular here.

I hadn't thought of brussel sprouts as something you eat over there. They tend to divide people here, but I'll eat them.

Oh, they divide people here too. I get into arguments all the time with people at work about the magic that is brussel sprouts. I think most people that don't like them just haven't had them cooked the right way. When you do it right they have this fantastic nutty flavor that is to die for. There are a number of green veggies I never would have imagined myself eating. @mrsbozz does a great job of cooking them right and turned me on to things like broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc.

@catweasel just loves Brussels sprouts. Whenever we have them I make sure I get to mine early, because there won't be any left over when he's finished. He eats those other green vegetables, too. It's a joke around here that if something can't get away from him fast enough, it becomes food.

We had some at a restaurant the other day that were fried and then served with a balsamic glaze and bacon and they were fantastic. We just usually roast them at home with oil and seasoning and those are great too.

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