ULOG #01: Am a celebrity ¦|>~ I showed up in the front page 📄 of magazine. #001

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Lemme start by eulogizing @surpassinggoogle Terry Ajayi for arena created for very reserved steemians like me to showcase the hiding treasures.

2018-06-24 18.11.17.png

Minor introduction of mine goes thus;
Am Femi BABALOLA by name, a Nigeria by birth and Yoruba to be precise. Hailed from state of Osun, the best state of Nigeria (my rating....seriously).


Had my primary school 🎒ending 90s at Dan-Jomen nursery school, DC primary school then proceeded to A.D.S GRAM SCHL. When thru with this with lots of challenges in Nigeria academia pyramid, gain admission to Kwara state polytechnic to study Banking and and Finance. Challenges battled there was of much minimal. While in penultimate year to thru with OND,(hardworking pays, tho effect might nit come in time or as expected)

another open door gained admission into Federal university 🎓 of ilorin to study Accounting and Finance.

Its all started when the message from the schl authority of the university popup in my phone 📱. I jubilated to the extend that i was nagging my head against walls,before i was caution by nearby friends and family members. Cos this admission into university have been seeking for more than 4yrs before i reshuffle into polytechnic.

Great steemians and #ulogers #Ulog... Hope you are enjoying this epistle....?
Seat 💺 back 🔙 while i unleashed the whole story.... Continued

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