#ULOG DAY 21 - When #YOULOG is Life

in #ulog4 years ago

Our night was like a rollercoaster of emotion. My son was crying err, shouting to the top of his lungs for almost 15 minutes made us really stressed! We didn't mind him in a hop that he would stop but didn't until we gave up. Still stressed, my wife called him and hugged him, telling why is she mad and what he was doing is not good. He was still crying but getting calmer as his Mama is kissing him, telling him good things. And the next thing happen while we are in that moment, his Mama, my wife just suddenly blurted out

Papa, can you take us a picture? I want to post this for​ my #ulog!


At first I didn't know how to react. I willingly took some picture but started laughing this woman in her moment, wanted to take a picture of them for the #steemit. Haha!! I guess I need to talk to sir @surpassinggoogle about this. He is the culprit behind this! Haha!!

And I demand a reward. Best support steemian husband of the year.

Papa Ross @ardapyan

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