Ulog #11 : A Week After the Her Bodylab Women's Fitness Camp- A Dream Come True

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Women are stronger when they support each other. Her Bodylab had its official product launching through a fitness workshop last June 3 2018. Her Bodylab is a fitness apparel started by my friend Juli and I. Our vision is to create not just a clothing brand, but a community of strong women sharing the same goal: creating the body that we love. The fitness workshop was the best way to do the product launching in conveying this vision.

juli and i.jpg

Juli and @anneporter

It's been a week since the Her Bodylab fitness camp and I still find my self browsing through my phone photos and recalling all the magical moments of that day. It was an event I always dreamed of happening - and I know it was just the beginning. I am very happy to share you the highlights of the fitness camp.

Her Bodylab : Sharing Our Story


The event started with an opening message from yours truly, @anneporter. I shared how Juli and I envision the brand. Her bodylab is a sports and fitness apparel for women committed to inspire women towards achieving their fitness goals and to promote enjoyment in the process. We want to reach out to women of all ages and of all fitness level. I shared to them how happy I was to spend that special day to women I consider more than just friends, but as sisters.

The Workouts

The opening message from me was immediately followed by a Cardio Dance Workout by a very good friend of mine, Miss Alelu Cane.

alelu cane.jpg

The workout consists of 15 minutes dance routine which the girls really enjoyed. They loved the music and Miss Alelu’s vibrant and energetic presence.


The Dance Cardio workout was then followed by a strengthening workout by Coach Juli Ponder. We designed the workouts so they will enjoy them and also requires no equipment so women who have no time to hit the gym can do them at home. It was so nice to see how motivated the girls are in executing each set.



Relaxation and Meditation

After the cooldown and static stretching, we gave the girls some time to relax and meditate. We put down the curtains, turned off the lights, put off the music and just allowed the girls to lie down, close their eyes and relax. Jui and I slightly massaged each of the girl’s head and shoulders with a very relaxing Rice Bran meditation balm.



The Performances

We had a 30 minutes break while the staff prepare the projector and chairs. During the short break, we had 2 performances prepared for the girls. The first performance was a pole dance by my very beautiful and talented friend, Renzy.


It was followed by a dance performance by Hip Hop Dance Coaches, Jan Carl and Arvin


The Fitness Talks

Though the event was just a half-day activity, we want the girls to make the most of it by having three sessions of fitness talks for the remaining 2 hours. The talk aims to answer the question Juli and I ask ourselves: What keeps women from fitness? And If they do start, what keeps them from sustaining it?

Injury Prevention and Management by Juli Ponder


The fear of injury usually prevents women from getting in to fitness. Some don't like the feeling of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). This topic was supposed to be covered by physical therapist and a certified schroth practitioner Dr. Roselle Branzuela. Unfortunately, she called in sick the night before so Juli has to cover the topic. I was rushing on the slides 4 am that morning. It wasn't as in-depth as Roselle would have done it, but Juli and I tried our best to share what we know. We covered the importance of warm up and dynamic stretching before working out and proper posture while working out. We also emphasized the importance of proper nutrition and rest.

Diet and Nutrition by Sir Stanly Inso

stanly inso.jpg

Women are more sensitive to hormones than men. We have a lot of cravings and sometimes we find comfort in food when we’re sad, stressed, or when its our period. Most women give up on dieting because they ended up frustrated about how their diet is “not working”, or they are frustrated on themselves because they cannot “stick to their diet”.


The talk about Diet and Nutrition was made by Sir Stanley Inso. He is a gym owner and a chef with 13 years of experience as a diet and training coach. The following were the topics discussed by Stanly:

-Basics of calories and Macronutrient counting.
-The different body types for women. (This was to emphasize the importance of being realistic with our fitness goals. )
-Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats
-Common Myths about Dieting
-Why Women should consider weight training

Committing to Your Fitness Goals by Engr. Gail Abad

Now that we have the workouts and diets covered, I wanted to have topic that would get the ladies in to the right mind set to kick start their fitness journey. Most of the "fitness talks" are done by fitness professionals. However, I wanted to motivate the girls by insights from a perspective of a "beginner" in the intimidating world of Fitness.

Gail Abad.jpg

I invited a very dear friend of mine, @thegaillery, Gail Abad. She has just started her serious fitness journey. I know Gail well enough. I know how persistent she is every time she wants to achieve something that's why I trust her power to motivate the ladies.


Engr. Gail Abad (@thegaillery)

Gail's talk covered the following:

-Know How to Get Work Done: To Place You in the Right Mindset

-Actually Get Work Done: To Enable You to Work With Yourself

-Get Smart About Your Progress: To Teach You How to Correct and Challenge Yourself


One of Gail's slides: A mental Framework on Committing to your Fitness Goals

In Between Performances

In Between the talks, there were pole performances from Juli Ponder, and Regine Rago just to keep the event from being too draggy. The beautiful ladies heated up the dance floor with their awesome moves.

juli spread.jpg

Overall, It was a successful event!

Though there were microphone problems, and we started a bit late because some girls didn't make it on time, overall the whole event was successful. Honestly, there were several moments where I had goosebumps because of the inspiring and powerful atmosphere in the studio throughout the event. I felt so much joy in my heart because it’s like my dream coming true: putting together a community of woman that support each other. I am very glad our first event was successful and I am certain that this wouldn't be the last.

More Photos!
fitness coach.jpg

Anne Porter with our Dance Coaches


Our Ladies having fun

20180603_153300 (1).jpg

So happy for the love and support of my High school Friends


@thegaillery, @anneporter and Juli Ponder


With our sexy Mommies


A friendship Spreadie from our performers, Regine and Renzy

That's All For now, Thank you for your time!



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