Ulog #12: In Respect and Admiration for a Strong Beautiful Woman

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I draw inspiration from different kinds of woman I encounter each day. I have many beautiful friends who are really worth mentioning, but for now I'd like to give a special attention to the woman who really caught my attention the very first day she stepped in the Pole Studio: Miss Magie.


When she first came in the pole studio, she was bringing a basket which I first thought was grocery (LOL), but later I found out it was a cute little angel, Baby Ino. Also holding her other hand was a little girl, Kenken. "Damn this is one bad-ass WOMAN!" - that was the very first thing that came in to my mind. I admired her from then on and established a special bond with her daughter kenken (or was it just me who thinks what we have both is something special, haha).

A List of Admiration

1. It's inconvenient as hell...but she's nailing it


That's Miss Magie, Me, Baby Ino (and his basket) and Little Kenken

Having to bring her baby and daughters to the studio (she has 3) looks like a very inconvenient thing to do for a mom. She drives her squad to the studio and has to excuse her self from time to time every time Ino needs some breastfeeding. Fortunately, her daughter Kenken is such an angel and we don't mind her playing around the studio while her mom is training.

Her husband is abroad, so she's basically a one-woman show.


There is always a random Kenken in every Pole Videos that we have, and we don't mind having her around :)

2. She's a full time mommy


Miss Magie's Children (grabbed from her social media account)

The image of an independent, corporate, power-dressed working woman seems to be applauded more by the general public than the 24-7 profession of a Mom. I have learned from Miss Magie that she quit her work from a big Telecommunications company here in the Philippines where she has earned an impressing position in the management ladder- to be a full time mother. I myself, being a woman whose life revolves around my career and takes pride of it, couldn't imagine the kind of sacrifice she has to make. She said it was an easy decision to make, when she had her children, a thing that was hard to imagine back when she was a full-time career woman.

3. She's a Breastfeeding Mommah


Mommy Breastfeeding Baby Ino during our Fitness Camp

Hats off for respect for all the breastfeeding moms out there who Breast feeds anytime anywhere! Seriously though, the stigma on breastfeeding has to stop, mom just have to feed her baby (who by the way has a giant right to be fed when hungry). Being a mother is hard enough.

4. She's a Sexy, Badass Pole Dancer


Way to go Ladies!

Yeah, no questions asked. I truly admire her efforts to get back in to shape and be fit through a sport she really enjoys. Despite the busy schedule, she always makes time to train. Also, she's one of the most motivated and persistent student in class. She never gives up until she nails a trick. I am so proud of her progress.

A Short Story

Lastly, before I end this post, let me tell you a short story about how most people see pregnancy and motherhood...

One day a guy told me "Why do you invest so much time working out trying to be fit and spending so much for healthy diet? You're just going to be fat when you get pregnant anyway. And when you do, You can't get back to your figure now".

Though I have taught myself the art of not giving a shit about these kinds of talks, honestly, in my mind, I was punching that guy straight in the face. Well, fortunately for him, I didn't but his words kept me thinking : Why do people see pregnancy and motherhood like some sort of a tragedy in a woman's body? Seriously, it's pure miracle right there... that emerged right out of her vagina!

That's why humankind worship woman as goddesses thousands of years ago because only women is capable of the miracle of conceiving another life. Yes true, motherhood makes us fat, widens our hips and does weird things to our spine - but that's goddamn biology. Our bodies need to make necessary changes to accommodate life and grow a human for 9 months. A woman's body is beautiful and every mother should be proud of it. Her body is a vessel of life. KUDOS TO ALL MOMMIES!


Good job my brother
I am also a dancer from Indonesia ...... I follow you. nice to meet you @anneporter

wow, she IS badass! =p i admire ppl who achieve things, despite whatever obstacles they face.

I like that story of that guy.. what does HE look like? :P im guessing NOT exactly top fitness guy..

Yay mommies!!

I am a mom and i envy miss maggie's confident...😊

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