#ULOG No. 7- Knowing and enjoying 5th Avenue of New York !

in ulog •  last year  (edited)

Take this opportunity to greet all #uloggers and especially @surpassinggoogle, happy day!

Today I am publishing my sixth publication in ULOG! This time I want to share my photos and the experience of my walk through the 5th Avenue of New York!

My husband and I have all the "super stars" for one of the most famous avenues in the world, the first time we visited this emblematic place, you can imagine how we felt really impressed and excited!

We visited the Rockefeller Center and located between 5th and 6th avenues, in Midtown Manhatan, or central area, we were impressed by the majesty and height of the buildings, in fact we found out that the observatory was in the Ge Building, a skating rink and Radio City music hall, many people visited all these places and as we were photographed anywhere.

We walked through Times Square, we were surprised by its innumerable lights and colors! For those who have not heard of this site, it is very famous because this is where a celebration that is already tradition is celebrated on New Year's Eve, when it will be 12 o'clock at night, the beginning of the new year is expected here, music, laughter, drinks and a multitude of people who gather here from all over the world, in addition, many Hollywood movies that I have seen in movies and television from my country Venezuela have been filmed here, I can tell you that in much smaller what you see on the small screen, I thought it was bigger!

We were hungry and my husband loves to eat hot dog so we ventured to eat "the famous hot dog of the big apple", we consume some kind of a trailer near time square, and without hesitation we arrived to taste this street food, which in so many movies we had appreciated.

Here in the times square or very close to him we could know the best known wax museum in the world, for its splendid figures, I was impressed by its realism!

We observed the facade and billboard of many Broadway theaters, and all the works that would be offered that night.

A place full of tables and chairs that we knew was called Pedestrian Plaza, we sat and rested, because if I tell you that you have to walk a lot!

We were also surprised by the height of the Nasdaq Cartel, which I later found to be approximately 11 meters high.

Also we could see that in this area there were many hotels and restaurants.

This was all for today, it was really a difficult job to select among all the photos and I enjoy everything else, it is not public, it is spectacular for me, I hope you enjoyed it, until my next publication, hugs.

Photographs taken with my Huawei P7 cell phone and edited.

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