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Found this picture the other day while searching for a totally unrelated one. It was taken back in the summer of 2002, I remember this because it was taken in Gisenyi, and we had gone there just a few months after Nyiragongo's eruption in Goma, Congo. (DRC) The trip was a fun one, during those few days, we stayed at an Aunt's who lived close to the beach, where I developed my appreciation for isambazas.

Isambazas are small fishes that are eaten whole, not to be confused with indagaras though. Because although they look the same, and are cooked the same way, the stench and taste of the latter is just too nasty! Sadly, it's way easier to find indagaras than it is to find isambazas, when you live so far from the beach. Sighs...

Like I said earlier, we went to Gisenyi right after the eruptions, and since Gisenyi is only just minutes away from Goma, it was decided we cross the border and go check the aftermath for ourselves. And so we did! Once there, we realized just how cruel Mother Nature can be. For miles it seemed, everything had been decimated, if not drowned by the overreaching hardened lava. And even those that had managed to stand their ground, looked like they were begging to be put out of their misery. It was nerve racking.

Brozay sitting on hardened lava, I think he was trying to outgangsta me. Smh

We only stayed there for 2-3 hours, the time to observe a bit, try some Congolese cuisine and then, back to auntie's house! From there on, my memories are kind of disjointed but, I do remember it was a fun vacation trip(also stressing for some) and probably one of the best we've ever had!

Nostalgia kicks in harder: Man Gisenyi is such a beautiful place, and it sucks that I haven't been there in over a decade. But still,...you and I Gisenyi... You and me soon! Til then,...



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oh wow is this where you are from? the congo? thats awesome. do you have any more pictures? i would love to see it! how was it?


I'm actually from Rwanda and that's a short holiday trip we had taken there. It was a dope adventure, specially the dinning part(forgot to mention, Congolese cuisine rocks!!) but like I said, we only stayed there for a very short time, so there wasn't that much to experience. And when you say pictures, do you mean of the Congo? If yes, there are probably a few, tho most of them will mostly be rubbles like the one above.

If you're talking about trips in general, I have a bit more, and better ones too, that I'll be posting slowly by slowly, when everything clicks and I can accurately paint the whole picture with words. But until then, maybe you'd like reading about this trip. P.s: One of my first post on steemit.

And cheers for passing by.

wow...I can't really forget this moment. we had hundred of pupils coming to our schools and all we could see was a whole city covered with red boiling rocks. That was terrifying, The lake had real gaz and nisery was all on people's eyes.

I still have some fears that it may come back. Last time, I was in Gisenyi, The sky was red and there were some rumors about its eruption. Lets hope that its won't come back, other wise trouble may happen again


Oh, were you in Gisenyi or Goma when it happened? Man, even seeing the aftermath was too intense for me so I cant imagine what it was like actually being there. But I'm glad you made it through safe.

Sadly Nyiragongo is still active and is quite unpredictable so its inevitable. But I think both Rwanda and Congo should promote people to follow seismology related studies, might not stop the eruptions but might save more lives that way.

Been a long time btw, hope all is well on your side.

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