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Hello, steemians, and welcome to my page, eh!


We've had quite the run of weather for the past couple of weeks here in the northwoods. It's been in the 90s F and humid, we've had periods of heavy rain, and today it got into the mid 60s F. Fairly typical Upper Peninsula weather except for the hot days. In the past, we had a lot fewer days in the upper 80s and 90s then we've had for the last few summers. The current weather trend seems to be earlier springs, later falls, and more hot weather.

I had my monthly chiropractor appointment today, so I'm kind of achy tonight, it takes me a day or two to get past having an adjustment. It is nice to get my inner hip joint put back into place. It will probably stay in place now until I either run the vacuum cleaner or use a shovel.

The garden is in the slow period right now. About the only thing to do in the garden is occasional weed pulling and waiting for veggis to be ready to pick. I'll have to pick the tomatoes again pretty soon, but I have to wait for enough of them to get ripe to be able to can another batch. I don't know if I'll make tomato sauce or not this year, that generally takes a lot of ripe tomatoes at one time.

I've started getting back into working on my guitar amplifier projects again due to the rainy days. It gives me something to do when it's wet outside. I've started building a new small power guitar amp, and I've been working on a couple of my friend's amps recently also. I worked on this amp for him about a week ago.
He came and picked up a couple of his amps that I had worked on, and brought me a couple others to work on. One of those amps is a 1972 Fender Bassman 100 head, another interesting project for me. I'll be writing a post about that amp once I'm done working on it.

And now for the deep thoughts that I've been pondering.
Humans have been manipulating the genetics of animals to domesticate them and diversify them for thousands of years now. I think most people are aware of this. For instance, milk cows would not exist if it weren't for human manipulation of their genetics by selective breeding and cross breeding.
In the current time frame, humans have figured out how to do genetic splicing and manipulation in the lab, even going so far as to create varieties that have never existed in the past, such as glyphosate resistant corn and soy plants. Animals have been successfully cloned in the lab, such as dogs and sheep. Genetic manipulation of humans is entirely possible, although it is not currently an acceptable practice. This is all possible at our current level of technology, and who knows how much more it will be advanced in 20 years.

Given this knowledge that we already possess at our current level of technology, why is it so hard to consider the possibility that the human species is the result of genetic manipulation in the distant past by an unknown extraterrestrial species that came to this planet from a different solar system? Any species that is technologically capable of interstellar travel would also be sufficiently advanced to be able to create a species by manipulating the genetics of a precursor species. We theoretically already do that at our current level of technology.
Why would an extraterrestrial species do something like that, you might ask. I have no answers for that question. I don't believe the tales of the Anunnaki coming here and creating humans to mine gold for them, because why would a technologically advanced species need slaves to mine gold? That's what robotic machines are for.
Of course, there are several ancient accounts of humans having been created by another more advanced species, accounts such as the Sumerian creation tales, so the possibility exists that humans were created instead of evolving from earlier species of hominids. I'm not sure that there's actually any way to know what might have happened 400 thousand years ago.
There is one thing that I find that lends some credence to the reality of the earth having been visited in the past by extraterrestrials, and that's the "longhead" skeletons found in graves in Peru. The skulls of these longheads are unlike anything else that has been found in the fossil record. It has also been said that the early Egyptian Pharaohs had longer than normal heads, and I higher than normal amount of other genetic deformities as compared to the people they ruled over. Were they the offspring of cross species sex with the longheads?

These are some of the things I ponder in those odd moments in the middle of the night. Deep thoughts...

Well, that's all I have for this post, I hope you at least found it interesting!

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Thanks for stopping by my page and checking out my post, eh!

As always, feel free to leave a comment or a question if you would like.

May the Steem Force be with you!


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From weather to aliens ;) but I enjoyed your u-day thoroughly. It is hot like if hell has gates open here.


Thank you, Pris! Hopefully it will cool off there a bit in the next few days.


I ended up in the cold river pond yesterday until I wrinkled in mild hypothermia, so good. Dreaming of it again. I do not have a pool and my studio has no ac. Good as sauna lol.
It was sweet you called me Pris made me smile.


Nice post.
Keep steeming


Thank you!

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