Ulog (19) - The Social Environment That Unites More Than One Persons

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Hello there Uloggers! I'm back for my 19th Ulog post and enjoying the day today! :)


Start trying to apply eco-friendly life to all aspects of life. For example do not buy process food, avoid junkfood, choose vegetables, tempeh, tofu, rather than processed meat, and choose chicken instead of broiler chicken.

Many consider this way of life very troublesome and unrealistic. But choosing to live close to nature does not have to complicate ourselves. So our behavior should not be forced. To do something haris with happiness, to be able to produce the energy of meaning that makes the people involved in the activity also follow the happiness and if our feelings are happy, then our soul becomes much healthier.

A natural environment is an environment formed from natural processes. Consists of various sources of nature as well as ecosystem and its components, whether physical, biological, and non-biological. A natural environment is formed dynamically because it has a heterogeneous diversity or heterogeneity of organisms and organisms.


The researchers found surprising results. Suppose the five natural environments are maintained, their long-term economic value to society will be 14 to 75 per cent more than once changed. In fact, due to human intervention, an average of half the value of an ecosystem disappears, and every year environmental changes cost 250 billion dollars. Conversely, conservation of nature or conservation costs only 45 billion US dollars. Researchers say that "goods and services" -in the form of food, water, air, shelter, fuel, clothing, medicines, and the protection of hurricanes and floods-will produce at least $ 4.4 trillion, with a ratio of 100 benefits to 1 loss, the London Guardian newspaper reported. Dr. Andrew Balmford from Cambridge University, England, who led the study said, "The economic aspect is very bleak. We did estimate the ratio would win conservation, but we did not expect that much. "

Sadly, even since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 11.4 percent of the natural environment on Earth has been altered. The change is mainly due to ignorance of the losses suffered and by the desire to achieve short-term profits.

if the natural ecosystem is a natural environment is a natural environment consisting of natural resources and ecosystems with components, both physical, biological. The natural environment is dynamic because it has a very high level of organism heterogeneity ...
and where artificial ecosystems are built / artificial environments include man-made environments built with the help or input of technology, both simple technology and modern technology. The built-in / artificial environment is less diverse because its existence is always aligned with human needs.


In the process of life every individual must have experienced or is in a social environment. Not just one social environment but perhaps in some social environments. However, do you know what is meant by the social environment? Here are some explanations of the social environment, social environmental factors, social environment types, and examples of the social environment.

The social environment is defined as an environment in which individuals or members engage in social relationships or interactions. Not only social interaction takes place, but within a social environment can also take place cooperation or various activities together. Therefore, the social environment becomes one of the factors that can influence the behavior of individuals or groups in every action. While the experts give the meaning of social environment as.


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