ULOG # 15: I love street food

in ulog •  6 months ago

Street Food

Though people and doctor said street foods are not good for health
But i can not control myself when i see street food.
I ate till my stomach didn't fill up :D
I know its not a good thing but sometime break rules for taste is different
even though i do not eat some food ever and no plan to do that and
never drink whisky or something like that. i only take soft drink.
Today's street food name is called khurma.
Its popular to little children but older people do like that like me.





Hope all of you will like those photos
Have a nice day to you all :)


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Hahaha i'm exactly like you. I just cannot stop to eating this!

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hi @thefakerick , it seems like some kind of addiction :D i try to passed by the road quickly when i saw them but after a while i came back to and start to eat.