The history of the USB

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Northern Africa & Middle East
Commonly known as the USB
(The United States of Britain)

Like the USA the USB was settled by pioneers traveling across the English Channel ocean on ships.

Like the indigenous Red Indians of the USA the indigenous White Indians of the USB soon became the minority in their ancestorial lands and were forced to live in reservations put aside by the brownman.

The early brown settlers brought with them items to trade such as Burkas, Hijabs and suicide belts.
They introduced a progressive legal system known as Sharia Law.
The pagan Christian religion of the White Indians was replaced by Islam.


The first colonies were setup in Birmingham, and Leeds, with the great Northern Frontier lands of Scotland (The wild North) the last to be settled.

The founding Imams decided on Luton to become the nation's capital city.


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