Wrongfully arrested UFO investigator, John Ford, still in mental hospital for over 20 years

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John Ford

JOHN FORD 20 Years Behind Bars, is noted for researching a UFO crash on November 24, 1992, a UFO in Southaven Park, Shirley, NY. John, a Long Island MUFON researcher, investigated the crash. Four years later, on June 12, 1996, Ford was arrested and charged with plotting to poison several local politicians by sneaking radium in their toothpaste. On advice of counsel Ford pled insanity and was committed to the Mid Hudson Psychiatric Center. Critics say the charges are a frame-up.

Excerpt from Inception Radio Network's periodic podcast, John Ford UFO Nightmare

John Ford's case has been featured on the Inception Radio Network since his arrest and is run by close friends and associates. The most recent show aired February 12, 2017 as John prepares for yet another attempt to appeal his case in court, of which he remains confident.

John For has an absolutely amazing story, and I really feel for the guy. I'm sure he'd be completely bewildered that folks were still talking about him and I hope this, even if for synchronicity sake, helps him win his case or brighten his day.

The most recent episode of the round-table discussion on his case can be found here. Perhaps the most notable and familiar panel member and friend to John is UFO Hunter Bill Birnes: https://inceptionradionetwork.com/john-ford-ufo-nightmare-episode-19/

Bill Birnes
Not even aliens f### with Bill Birnes

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The truth is out. Freedom is a state of mind. Belief, is everything.


Poor guy i'd not heard of him before.

This does not surprise me in the slightest!!!!!
I know of a similar case. They will not stop at anything to cover up the truth!

This is very sad and could happen to any of us.🐝 We need to establish a task force of volunteers worldwide who can save these poor people... imagine it was you bumping into one of these criminal black budget groups?🐞