Who goes there? Left at East Gate: A First-hand Account of the Bentwaters Woodbridge UFO Incident

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A blow by blow account and history of what happened at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, Eastern England December 26 to December 29, 1980 near the Woodbridge and Bentwaters Military Bases: where several people witnessed and recorded the antics of UFOs and occupants. Security Policeman, Spec-Exp-RQMT-AT, Larry Warren was a party to that incident. Left at East Gate is his account and story.

Warren had been ordered into the fray by Sergeant Andrew Bustinza and Second Lieutenant England, and ended in a clearing in Rendlesham along with other military personnel:

“We moved closer. Up a slight incline, thorn bushes tearing at my pants,” described Warren. “Now, I could see what was in the fields. It looked like a ground fog, but was somehow lit up from within. It glowed very brightly, with the definition of a roughly shaped circle approximately one foot in height…It was yellow-green and at times appeared almost transparent. Two disaster-preparedness officers walked very close to it in a counterclockwise direction with yellow Geiger counters in hand. Someone was snapping pictures. Off to my right, I saw personnel operating motion-picture cameras – one was handheld, the other mounted on a tripod filming the amazing sight.”

There was an estimated forty-odd people in the field at the moment that another red globe exploded over the area producing a second machine in the shape of a pearl white pyramid in a rainbow of color, distorted, cobalt-blue lights, landing gear, boxes, pipes, extensions, delta-like appendages. Humanoid figures appeared within the glow. Colonel Gordon Williams and other officers conversed with the occupants.

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