Don't mind me, just educating the Russian Military on Operation Solar Warden. Autistic Gary Mckninnon... now who is the real Mr. A... A for Alien like Elon musk.. I'm an Inter dimensional Spy working for FUTURE USA the MOST patriotic timeline...

in ufo •  5 months ago


I am the Zackest Zack... I work for an America thats more powerful and more patriotic than the current traitors in the deep state... hah @uncerntropy and I were kicking kids shins in our dreams last night hahaha only intelligence agents will get that joke hahaha seriously... this is America and we are savages

The Russian FSB and Chinese Agents working in the USA that are actually American who are selling us out because they just don't like Trump.... I don't even want to think about whats going to happen to them

Oh and shout out to the secret space program but you guys owe Every American Taxpayer like fucking 1 million dollars each haha and you're gonna pay for it with your soul karma literally its like electricity and I am the only one with the Stargate ascension mechanics so sorry the earth stays in 3.5d untill im happy

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Happy to see some other Interdimensional-Time Travelling-Blockchain agents! Cheers to your mission. May all past, present, and future time/space lines in the multiverse be blessed.


@crystalgeometry I realized that all the biggest businesses on Earth have always been time travelers and history is being cleaned and made much cooler than what it is now... time cops... heh I watched that show aboit the time traveling cowboys and how the Reptillians like big fat humans who expelled methane gas like fuel as reptillians love fossil fuels because they are like dinosaur ghosts we free from the ground hehehe stupid superstitions