Uber Forced To Leave London...

in uber •  10 months ago

I like the idea of Uber, giving great service and using independant contractors instead of employees and most of all, they avoid paying excessive fake taxes to the government.

Governments hate Uber and Airbnb and similar companies, they want controlled companies that obey their masters. So, it is not a surprise that London now has banned Uber and 40000 of their drivers.

Here is the tweet from Transport for London:

FireShot Capture 616 - London Unexpectedly Revokes Uber's Op_ - http___www.zerohedge.com_news_2017.png

And here is the response from Uber:

FireShot Capture 617 - London Unexpectedly Revokes Uber's Op_ - http___www.zerohedge.com_news_2017.png

Freedom will prevail in the end, but there are a lot of obsticles ahead of us...



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Fucking government bullshit. Our world is in need of a major revolution.


yes sure!
Also those "black cab drivers" are celebrating now....
Celebrating what? In customers' interest is more competition, which drives the prices down... so what to celebrate here?
Greedy fks...

no more uber in london? wow, that's going to annoy alot of people. i guess the taxi drivers will be happy but i feel sorry for all the people that went and bought new cars so they could uberdrive for a living... doom...


Yeah, that will suck for them and I dont think the Uber court appeal will help, it is most likely rigged against them.

Unless they just dont give a fuck and just continue driving, if all 40000 would do that, that would be a sign of strength

Uber is practically a charity. It's a VC ponzi scheme that bleed money like it's a girl on her periods 24/7

If governments need more welfare they should actually support Uber. A company looses money serving customers in order to gain market share and government steps in an ruin it for both Uber and us consumers.

Bravo! I should applaud with the sound of my continuous facepalm.


Well use a competitor that makes money then, problem solved...

It will come a day when taxis will be automated

As someone who lives in London let me tell you that UBER needed to go or at least be regulated in some way. The UBER drivers just clog the roads up with a fleet of 40,000 cars whose drivers are too busy looking at a sat nav to look where they're going causing numerous accidents. Add 1 sexual assault every 11 days from an UBER driver and that's that.