SBD DISTRO #33 04/07/2018

in ubasti •  5 months ago
please note : if you're feeling generous and want to decline payment for the current post you voted on, the remainder WILL be distributed among those who don't, if YOU do , then please leave it in comment, thanks, otherwise it will pay out even to stale accounts, which is a bit of a shame imo

ubasti is 68.02665509259259259259 days old and has distributed 8.770SBD to participants

the total SP of @ubasti : 28.74083359473310095885 SP (no delegation)

100 % vote is worth: .00288460166064549645(subject to market fluctuation this is the value of shares in SBD)

short version :

new rules

A full distro is daily unsustainable unless i lose money at it or i get whale votes on the daily, so this will now be 50/50-1, 1 person gets 50% of sbd payout , 3 votes will be given (combined from all raffle accounts it should be measured out so they always give payout over treshold , unless the prices go below again ofcourse, thats out of my control), everyone is eligible for the raffle, but only accounts with active root posts are eligible for the votes.

the obvious ways to do this are :

  • well upvote ofcourse or you get nothing
  • re-steem for bigger exposure, the more votes the more to divide, re-steeming doesnt even cost a thing
  • follow because i'm not sure what to do with my 10% pledge on this one, is it participants only or random follower, i havent even found someone to tell me what the method call is using curl so i got time to think but
  • dont worry , everything will be done strict yet manually until then, no vote wasted

The payout for :

0.025SBD remainder of last payout , divided by 36 eligible equals 0SBD each

payments declined by @rudyardcatling , @steembasicincome , @ubasti , @sakhmet

recipients : @tuukka69 , @eddard , @approximate , @kiobot , @stellarbelle , @blockchainlives , @tradqwik , @mytechtrail , @unicron , @liketimmy , @zuhuk , @asrizal , @amico , @a0i , @asrizalmustafa , @inlakech , @coinchek , @raidford , @leopenuela18 , @ibrasteem , @jcipher , @lagrem , @getstuffdun , @artsyunicor , @bloopy , @steemerpara , @prey , @dhanu4u , @sidhayre , @vhhau , @sacryptocollect , @selce-n , @freeopensource , @erfell , @zulul

and ofourse

@ubasti who is trying hard to make this work for everyone

100% upvotes : (31)@selce-n , @vhhau , @liketimmy
(decided by "google: random number")

payouts have been made, votes will be cast when available(if not already done), a weighted vote from you is more for you :) if it keeps up long enough, the raffled upvotes will be worth a lot more than the sbd distro which by then will be 'consolation prizes :p)

upvotes are selected from a list of eligible voters who have a root_post ('own post') younger than seven days

If your reach does not extend your grasp

you will never grow


a pool of no more than 0.500SBD will be kept until sbd distro #32 has been paid out ("no more than") at all times to provide a minimum payout of 0.001SBD in case the divide is below that, to all participants, for as long as the pool lasts, stripminers and leechers ofcourse block the flow ... i wish i had a way to allow a maximum number of votes and auto-decline autovotes :) but i do not have that

i think that's all ... for now, happy voting, lets not get poorer together

expect the worst

hope for nothing

NEVER be disappointed

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