Travelling to UAE with children. Part 1.

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Travel to the UAE with children, hovered in my head for a long time, though it was a rather blurred picture in the most General strokes. I was more focused on choosing a place to stay than on exploring culture and attractions.

However to build detailed routes for each day with small children, in my opinion, ungrateful occupation which and will remain in the form of not executed plans.
The first attempt to go to this country was made by me in may, I found tickets for a direct flight from Yekaterinburg from Flydubai, which is an analogue of our Victory, chose insurance and looked after several hotels on Booking. However, it did not go further, as the youngest daughter was determined for a long course of treatment and rest automatically moved to the right.

The second attempt to get abroad, despite some difficulties with leaving because of work, I decided to make at the end of October. The choice was in principle small - Cyprus, UAE and Turkey. Only in Turkey and Cyprus, the season was coming to an end, and in the UAE, on the contrary, a mild season was established.


An unpleasant surprise was the high occupancy of hotels in Dubai and the closure of part of the city's beaches for reconstruction, which eventually put a tangible inequality between the location and the final check. An additional problem was created by the journey of the four, which automatically increased the type of room. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the tourist tax and fees are not always clearly indicated on the Booking, plus specify the presence of the Deposit requirements at the hotel, its size and type.


To get to the beach on the transport of the hotel with the children did not really want to, but the prices of the first line in Dubai was not to pull, the more the cost is indicated mainly without food or with Breakfast. It should be noted at once that the UAE turned out to be quite an expensive country. The minimum wage there is close to 80-100 thousand rubles, which automatically raises the price of our usual products, plus the complete absence of the agricultural sector. Sand, oil, concrete, sun, sea and some dates...

The enthusiasm of independent travel gradually faded away, and an unexpected newsletter from Tinkoff Bank introduced me to an interesting and extremely convenient tourist travel project, which allowed us to quickly review the existing ready-made tours, indicating the time of departure and the airline that makes the flight and read reviews about hotels.

Agree that to be able to pre-select the most convenient time of departure is a very nice bonus. Plus, with this information you can see the history of the aircraft on which you have to fly. Sometimes the truth in these details it is better not to go, especially if the tickets are already on hand.

Due to Charter flights, the cost of the finished tour was lower than the "self-propelled", and an additional offer of the burning tour, which appeared the next day of the search, though with the hotel in Sharjah, but almost on the first line a couple of hundred meters from the beach, forced to immediately click on the "buy"button. More precisely, the order was issued through a good friend who owns one of the travel agencies in the city, but here I am more secure in the processing speed of payment and documents, as just a few hours of burning tours left.

The next day I received tickets and a voucher for the tour from 4 to 15 November from Biblio-Globus with a direct flight from the airline Russia, but a brand new Boeing 737-800. For an additional fee, the site was given the opportunity to pre-select seats in the cabin.


Before departure, there were only two days, we quickly began to collect suitcases...

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