A cloudy day walk on Odessa: encounter with the street musician (video)

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What may be better than a cloudy day walk on Odessa with the music based on odessa tunes!

Colorful musicians in Odessa always can set the tone of the fun and dip you into glorious history of the past of our city. Well, who can forget or even doesn't know the songs by Leonid Utesov.

Too bad that the speaker was removed from Garden city, where you could choice and listen to the songs of Leonid Utesov. That was great idea!
He has so much soul and wisdom in his songs. Leonid Utesov loved Odessa very much, that’s why his songs will be live in hearts of Odessites and Odessa guests forever.

I can’t walk away from Odessa musician with grateful Odessa tunes and songs when I encounter them!
I’m standing and listening, remembering Leonid Utesov first. This Odessite conquered my heart a long time ago.

Today was the same thing, I couldn’t walk away from Odessa accordionist uncle Vanya on the seaport. His play was so hot that local kids even managed to dance to his performance. Watch all this in video, I hope you will sing and dance as well, at least in your thoughts.

Odessa is waiting for you and will give you a lot of pleasant impressions!
Love, joy and inspiration to you!

Author of the article, photos and video: with regards, @rosy440.
Editing: editorial board of «Odessa - mama» community.
Translation: @greasp.

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Душевный пост :)


мы, таки, понимаем! )))


И это не может не радовать...


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а я сколько так не делал, у меня не срабатывает)


наверное нужен текст на английском

You have put together such a great post. I really like all the photos and your explanation as you move along.
The music in the video is very good.
Thank you