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Not that I agree 100% with it, but hell yeah, SUPERB IMPROVEMENT!

Lets Fire Up the bought community!

Start by having a look at how it works. Then you can return firing back at me if you wish.

My Score

Obviously, the first thing everyone will do is to check the main website ( and scroll through the table in hope to find their own name. Nop... not there!

Welcome forykw!
Your ua score is 3.029 and you have a ua rank of 9702 
Last blocknumber included: 25621060, Updated at: 2018-09-03T00:00:00

Quite low obvious, but since I am not as active as many others, I guess it kind of reflects that point. Although I am curious how this will play once the community starts (if not already) to adapt to the concept, usually because they try to break it. That's how usually things evolve, especially in the open source world.

Either way, I am very happy about this initiative, mainly because I don't think the current reputation score tells anyone, anything about reputation. So, for me, this represents a real experimentation that if well fit for the target audience, might, in fact, make it into Steem next fork. And that would be an amazing victory for @steem-ua, and a healthy one for steem evolution.

Simply the best way to adopt a technology! Live, open (if possible) and using decentralized methods.

Can you help by just trying it?

It's one of the best things about steem platform, at least for me. Any idea or solution can mostly be tested, for free! And still, give back added value and information critical for the continuous evolution of the idea/initiative. So, a very hard to say no, win/win/win situation, for the "creators", for the "testers" (that eventually enforce the quality over time) and for the remaining "users" or that thing so-called community, that curate ("verify") mostly!

So I did it of course!

And you should do it too!

Dig up one of the quick delegation links bellow and delegate at least 25SP (minimum required to register), then try it and provide feedback if possible. And the crazy though is that almost everyone on this blockchain can do this. And if you don't like it, you can always undelegate afterwards (although I sense that mostly what most of you will be tempted to do, after trying, is to delegate more).

Quick Delegation Links for @stem-ua (uses Steemconnect):
25 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 250 SP

I will be doing my own testing/research too and when appropriate give my own inputs.

Produce quality SteemCATAPOOM!
RESTEEM if you wish to show others what you have learned... and,
VOTE for Witnesses

I was one of them, forykw!
Status: (disabled) - 10/03/2018

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I just did delegate 50 SP to Steem UA the other day, and I am observing how does it works,

after a week maybe, I post about my experience on it!


Yep... I am in the same bucket! I just found it today. So, I need to spend more time reading it, tomorrow.

Lets fire up the community with this experiment of steemconnect delegation
Superb work @forykw keep it ,go ahead 👌👌👌👌✔✔✔✔

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