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Google Calendar will guess your working hours and warn colleagues

"Google Calendar's Working Hours feature has been around for a while, letting you inform others when you'll be around for meetings and when you're unavailable. Previously, you'll have had to activate it through the app's settings, but now it'll be ena..."


华硕 StudioBook One 是第一台搭载 Quadro RTX 6000 显卡的笔记本

" 虽然有了 ScreenPad 的加持,ProArt StudioBook Pro X 依然不是华硕今天最顶级的产品。这个头衔要颁给了 ProArt StudioBook One,一台配备 Core i9-9980HK 处理器、Quadro RTX 6000 显示晶片及 120Hz 4K UHD 面板的超级工作站。据华硕(和 NVIDIA)称,这是以运算力来说「当前世界上最强的笔记本」。它的主机板其实是放在屏幕的后面,因此在使用时,是由下方抽气、上方排出,强化散热力。其他规格包括 32GB RAM 与 1TB SS…"


华硕的 StudioBook Pro X 是搭载 ScreenPad 的工作站级笔记本

" 华硕今年的 IFA 似乎主打的是 ProArt 系列的笔记本、桌机和显示器产品,瞄准创意工作者的市场。这当中堪称「主力」的一款,是 17 吋大小,并配备 ScreenPad 2.0 触板控副屏幕的 ProArt StudioBook Pro X。虽然号称是 17 吋屏幕放在 15 吋机身内,但 StudioBook Pro X 依然是一台巨兽,内建了 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 显卡、搭配 Intel Xeon 或第九代 Core i7 处理器。自然,诸如三个 USB-A 埠、两个 Thunde…"


The company behind AR battle robots MekaMon is shutting down

" So long, MekaMon. Reach Robotics, the company behind the customizable and kid-friendly spider robots, is closing its doors. In a LinkedIn blog post, co-founder and chief executive Silas Adekunle said the "consumer robotics sector is an inherently cha..."


华硕推出采用高达 300Hz 更新率面板的游戏本

" 240Hz 面板还没把王座捂热,现在更高的 300Hz 面板已经登场了。华硕今天在 IFA 上推出了 300Hz 游戏本面板的选项,首款搭载的产品是已经推出一小段时间的 17 吋 ROG Zephyrus S GX701。GX701 拥有目前游戏本当中可以说是顶级的性能,采用 RTX 2080 显卡,但想要充份利用 300Hz 的全部性能的话,显卡也要能输出 300fps 的画面才行,就算是 RTX 2080,恐怕在许多最新的游戏上,也是会有些吃力的吧? GX701 的 300Hz 面板版本大约 10 月左右就…"


华硕的 VivoWatch SP 长得更像一只手表了

"华硕的 ZenWatch 系列智能手表已经不再继续,但 VivoWatch 系列的健身手表系列依然还持续着。继去年的 VivoWatch BP 之后,华硕今天在 IFA 上带来了新的 VivoWatch SP,相较于之前的小屏幕及将感应器放在屏幕旁的「奇特」设计,VivoWatch SP 长得更像一支正常的手表,将 ECG 感应器放在了边框上,并同时搭载了光学心律计。 VivoWatch SP 主要是设计给进行跑步、登山等活动的用户,除了 GPS 带来的跑速、距离和路线功能之外,也内建有高度计。但健康管理也是它…"


Plantronics' new headphone lineup includes three true wireless options

" Plantronics may not be a name that immediately comes to mind when you're shopping for new headphones, but it should be one you consider. Even though the company rebranded as Poly after acquiring Polycom, products still bear the Plantronics name. And..."


The ASUS StudioBook One is the first laptop with NVIDIA's Quadro RTX 6000

" Even with all of its might, the StudioBook Pro X that ASUS announced today isn't the most powerful StudioBook in terms of graphics. That accolade is reserved for the StudioBook One, with its Quadro RTX 6000 graphics. In fact, ASUS says this is the fi..."


ASUS' new gaming laptops push refresh rates to 300Hz

" Never mind 240Hz displays in laptops -- ASUS wants to take things a step further. It's introducing updated gaming laptops with ultra-responsive 300Hz displays that cater to esports players and other ultra-competitive gamers. There's certainly a degre..."


ASUS’ new fitness watch is more useful and better looking

" ASUS may not make smartwatches anymore, but it has kept one foot in the wearables space with its line of fitness watches. A year and a bit after launching the VivoWatch BP, the company is back with a new health-tracking watch that, most important..."


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