yea sure

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however : "Omicron has not been detected on Icarus Yet ...

oe, ik dacht dat vur te lachen was ... 4to6 times faster than delta ? ... okay




its not like i took a reference but more and more i think even for a fantasy world my stenhjemme walls arent OTT .. the size might be if Ur was 2.5km² , stenhjemme is 4times 5x5 (km) in 4 districts


yass, honest-to-gods , we did NOT watch the sumerians first ... the city exists in janes ondergroudn it just has to get out we're missing somethign like

200 million and a studio to do it while we have the directors seat

ya, dream on huh ...

we WERE planning on making that first

AFTER we got out of belgium so now

i dont think "voor het zwembad van de baas" zitj er nog in jong ... you did too much damage ... besides

its safer on Icarus at the moment ... im sure things look GREAT there in the towers

here its like


if you get the game, dont go scientific on its ass like "why do i need to mine oxygen from sediment while i can build campfires and the deer and rabbits breathe the local air ...

just "go with it" lol

(it says genetically modified btw when you check the animals ... so maybe there's some other agent in the air matter that helps ... anywho, solo on a small map it becomes very playable)

Tyrnannoght, the game , is still scheduled for 2150, by then, even without more than scrap copper we should be able to build one fully working zone ... npc's citizens and mobs included, by ourselves :)

dont wait up for it

(we're not asking besos for money ... that would negate all our life it seems to be crypto or die ... atm that looks like die ... more like ... ish ...)

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