@tyrnannoght : Thethawing, 6 in the Year of Standing Ground

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More than i should say : all citizens have traits now, all citizens have an occupation slot because that's how its gonna be as i thought of it, but most dont have an "occupation" yet, all for the under the hood mechanics, all citizens have a "home" which is as far as they travel when coming back from limbo (cf the dung pits of Glyve among many other things, i think i only have quotes by about three authors amounting to 15O different ones picked randomly but none of it is a priority as THEIR real life is being shoved up MY ass atm ... my brand btw is not having one account per week post , my brand is doing what i do and being up yo momma's ass with more pockets than polly ... foul language too, but that will be not here when the game is live ... it will include "mild"(?lol) violence, use of alcohol, prostitutes, pursesnatchers, cut throats, herbal potions and balms with side effects (a.k.a. ...) , the potential to rip someone off or to lure unsuspecting citizens to their death

all in all a lot friendlier than the six o clock news or that real world thats outside your threepoint-life : work-transport-home ...

so the citizen-trait and all the extra stuff thats basically need-to-know-only will not be posted anymore once i check ole spiceys routine and the one of the servantofthedarklord as it moves round to collect taxes ...

(and i dont need to prove anything, and i sponsor myself so no one gets a say in it :) <- independence prime

far be it from ME
to question the ways of the cat
it seems to me debating the logic
of my girlfriends decision would lead
to the way of less resistance
(...than that....)

the dark Catling

Today is Thethawing, 6 in the Year of Standing Ground

Weather: Conditions: 20 F (-7 C) - Overcast Wind: From the SSE at 7 MPH Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 29.94 in (1014 mb) Location: Dudinka (RS) Altitude: 223 m
Time: December 9, 2:30 AM MSK Observation Time: December 9, 12:00 AM MSK

simplified weather sim for now :
no rain


something something since this is not rumours

npc specific

Ole' Spicey

olespicey goes about his daily business
status : working


Matt(citizen-trait) moved to the eastern tunnels
Erika(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Alex(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Esmour Kingeston(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Esmour Kingeston(citizen) moved to the forest down-below
Jonathon Underhill(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Thrasymedes Moca(citizen) moved to the eastern tunnels
Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Sibilie Rimbaud(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen) moved to the forest down-below
#mudpitstavernkeeper made 7 tin from citizens
#theshadydealer has made 24 tin from shady citizens



playerlevelmax actions this round
Subject X14x
Qiao Si(citizen-trait)x

limbo npc in reach : Charon(npc)

the washed-up beach

playerlevelmax actions this round
Bartholomew Fetyplace(citizen-trait)x
Roshan Lankaransky(citizen-trait)x
Subject X13x
Yvon du Mont Morencyx

washed-up beach npc in reach : 'ole Spicey(npc)

the western tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round
Amphelice Ailemer(citizen)x
Beatrix Bacon(citizen-trait)x

western tunnels npc in reach :

the mudpits

playerlevelmax actions this round
Sibilie Rimbaud(citizen)x
Jonathon Underhill(citizen)x
Alys Beauson(citizen)x
Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait)x
Bulettooth Hannah(citizen-trait)x
Tryphosa Posh(citizen-trait)x
Matilda Downer(citizen-trait)x

mudpits npc in reach : One Eyed Wozzard(npc)
The Shady Dealer(npc)
blind Melon(npc)
The Backstreet Boys(npc)
Hard Hands Harry(npc)

the eastern tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round
Thrasymedes Moca(citizen)x

eastern tunnels npc in reach :

the forest down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round
Esmour Kingeston(citizen)x
Hippodamia Wizzelpenning(citizen-trait)x
Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen)x
Garrelt Upert(citizen)x
Avina Van Biesbrouck(citizen-trait)x

forest down-below npc in reach :

the dungeon down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round

dungeon down-below npc in reach :

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Ma-do’ means ‘window’ in Japanese.
“Also, ‘ma’ means ‘the silence between notes.
I wanted the name of the band to show how the music opens to the outside (just like window)
and that silence has probably more meaning than notes.”
Satoko Fujii

no explanation on anything available as its not open for any but testing and -ers (there's basically also nothing yet)

discord me

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