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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


So where is it at ?

What works ?

  • @goldmanmorgan ofcourse to gather playcoin

  • liking morgan accounts to the website with a one-time confirmation code

  • buying tickets or insertcoins with goldmanmorgan account balance (which is not need but as they depend on the mysterious peg you could simply get those and speculate ... if you wanted to , but you can just play directly from balance just as well , once the first playable bit is active

  • you need a ticket to get a playercharacter, you need an insertcoin to play a daily turn (that's for now , all things subject to change)

  • altering site password with one-time confirmation code , no emails or steemkeys are EVER asked by any of my programs anywhere, if anything does that : that's not me and should not be trusted

  • unlink / undo : if you made a request on morgan or datacenter and you dont want it to process you can use "undo" as a one-word request on the same post and none of your requests will process that day

  • unlink : if you think in any way someone or something is messing with your account you can use "unlink" as a one-word request : the account login will no longer exist on the site (all data is kept in case you had items or playercharacters). You will have to go through the steps to link the account again after that before it can be used

  • limbo : its the intention to have multiple sets and combos of "the nine rings" so even if you die and go to hell you don't get the exact same layout : stands to reason at this stage i don't post videos of the whole nine layers, its also the intention to increase the map size

  • map movement and pickup works, write to inventory on pickup works, level switching works, pitfalls and traps are possible and extras will be put in

  • you can as of now not yet generate an actual playercharacter but you can login with "gmtester" psw: peek to see how it develops

(so yea, i think i'll use the Obol i rendered as a "brand" label that's recognizable in feed across posts) - promotion will happen when possible after the first playable bit is active (how ? i dont know yet ... probably sbi shares as those work two-ways ... for starters)

anything else : my favourite answer in the universe : "i dont know" ... im a hobbyist, or "amateur" if you like, lol, i'm just me, im basically learning and re-learning php and javascript (from jquery up) , phaser 3 , hope to incorporate babylonJS and appgamekit for 3D bits as well

the whole game is based on serverside checks, which makes it 100% turnbased and will run on a daily cycle with a one hour (or so) gap to process the data before "the next day" starts - this way all data is safe from corruption and overlapping and actual cheating in any way i could think of so far should be impossible, as well as ragequitting and the usual nuisances experienced with these things as the moment your client shows you something it's already happened on the server ...

everything will be soloplay at the start except interplayer trading, you can already funnel morgan balance from one account to any other if you use the requests provided in the manual (which is linked at the bottom of every @goldmanmorgan post) , the commands are pretty simple and case-insensitive too , you can "transfer 1 D gmtester" or "withdrAw 1 dIAMond" that's not gonna break anything, in most cases abbreviations are possible as well as the full , "t/tin , s/silver" etc... every available command is explained in the manual, i spent a lot of time scripting that :p requests are processed at generation of next post so its best to make them before midnight CET (which i will stick it UCT when its more automated)

that's about the state of the state - im putting in "lore"-scrolls first now (there was no reason to take anything but the shortest possible route in limbo , but with loot-chests that might or might not contain scrolls (or nasty things) there will be as they're placed potentially anywhere ...)

and i shouldnt explain too much ofcourse ...

The state of the state,

El Gato

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