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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


Not necessarily in order of appearance, if(1picture == 1000words){this post is a noval} (undefined constant in syntax error error)

Thing is : this is starting to look like a game (i know Limbo doesn't look all that snazzy but im not going for graphics first either, and limbo is limbo, it is where you go when you die ... EVERY TIME ... that's the curse of the dark one (probably trademarked so i'll find something better, i need to honour Vance and Zelazny and Ursual after all ...) and that's also superbabysteps in phaser vs php ... but the actual game isnt really underthere yet, but i need some kind of a minimal functional clientside UI - interface to work with ofcourse, and i think the serverside will be like tennex the work of this as phaser does nice hexagon tricks for me (not really i had to do those myself but since it handles all the objects, its REALLY easy to put "red" on cant reach and green on can, and line of sight can be done with a simple line you draw

But that's for client-side only games so serverside i'll need the math anyway in some way - starting with "how to move a dunesnake to a player" lol ..

At any rate, it's not getting worse, and that's something


love thy #linux, love they #blender love thy #gimp , love thy #lmms , love thy #xed ...

Screenshot from 2019-06-28 22-36-04.png

I booted up windows yesterday on the same machine, i had like time to get two cups of coffee before i could actually move something on the desktop and here i got like 11 desktops running blender, gimp, TILED, lmms, some music, my preferred code editor (xed ... i know all about the "production myths" but i think i will never learn if i can't hack it in Xed you know, if that thing auto-tells me ... then when will i start seeing it myself?)

I <3 my error log ... something i don't get when on wordpress (that's another universe ... no dark fantasy there) wp leaves me guessing, all i get is "this page doesn't work" lol or a blank one, here i get "undefined constants" or "expecting ;" or weird stuff like "this function isn't meant to be in that context - php 7.2 i think, the latest)

All in all, i find it thoroughly interesting, i hope some people will, later, find it actually enjoyable as awesome would mean i'm the shit :p

(yes precious, i know you love my kind of humour and i should say excrement but basically when used like that it's not a cuss-word, anyone with a masters in linguistics and or english calling themselves doctor or professor will affirm that for me ...))

gud ... the update for this week ... i post on @tyrzone.tin00 and @tyrzone.tin01 when i get new assets i use for the games, and some of it (a lot will be) is on #opengameart

here : https://opengameart.org/users/alleycat

(including some of the .blend files used to model the models for the spritesheets , its just easier working for me with blender -> 2d than it would be taking a pencil and drawing a matchstick man lol)

Yup, ... thick shell , nasty pincers ... element of water, flow ... july 12th ... (i think the old man aimed for the flemish national holiday but his aim was off ..)

I'll take six-figures for presents without protesting, don't worry

J/K ... i guess i'll just post this for 10 or 20 cents as usual :p

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