@tyrnannoght : not much to say

in tyrnannoght •  5 months ago 

Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


didn't amount to much this week, ... one of those weeks, the reflex kneejerk always bad ... but im more on the serverside actually i'm trying to fix up something that autocredits and returns , mixed php and shell , which can run for both tyr and sp, other than that ?

well that's all i think heh

m hmmm, the idea is still tin-zones f2p but in order to, well ... the idea would be the ability to purchase a "ticket" and a "playcoin" while you can NOT purchase morgancoins/playcoins unless you do from other "accountholders" so low sp accounts can generate a player and a daily turn , but its still possible to just let it come from the morgan account which means free as that is divided votevalue ...

something like that, but im not thinking too well yet lol, im gonna need a day to recover ....

tsjah .. what can i say ...

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