@tyrnannoght : Neubyrth, 25 in the Year of Standing Ground

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you know the problem with bathrooms?
no matter how much time you spend cleaning them
you will ALWAYS need a shower afterwards , see
perpetuum mobile is created as entropy creates
and vacuum is the one thing
the universe can't stand
it's a cosmic mexican standoff
stick that up your grandfather paradox

the dark Catling

Today is Neubyrth, 25 in the Year of Standing Ground

Weather: Conditions: 20 F (-7 C) - Overcast Wind: From the SSE at 7 MPH Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 29.94 in (1014 mb) Location: Dudinka (RS) Altitude: 223 m
Time: December 9, 2:30 AM MSK Observation Time: December 9, 12:00 AM MSK

simplified weather sim for now :
no rain


something something since this is not rumours

npc specific

Ole' Spicey

olespicey goes about his daily business
status : working


Matt(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Pjötr(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Esmour Kingeston(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Alys Beauson(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Jonathon Underhill(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Thrasymedes Moca(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
Garrelt Upert(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen) went to the mudpits tavern
Matilda Downer(citizen-trait) moved to the mudpits
Bulettooth Hannah(citizen-trait) went to the mudpits tavern
#mudpitstavernkeeper made 10 tin from citizens
#theshadydealer has made 23 tin from shady citizens
#thebackstreetboys has made 1 tin from shaking down citizens



playerlevelmax actions this round
Subject X131x

limbo npc in reach : Charon(npc)

the washed-up beach

playerlevelmax actions this round
Beatrix Bacon(citizen-trait)x

washed-up beach npc in reach : 'ole Spicey(npc)

the western tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round
Amphelice Ailemer(citizen)x

western tunnels npc in reach :

the mudpits

playerlevelmax actions this round
Bartholomew Fetyplace(citizen-trait)x
Esmour Kingeston(citizen)x
Sibilie Rimbaud(citizen)x
Jonathon Underhill(citizen)x
Hippodamia Wizzelpenning(citizen-trait)x
Thrasymedes Moca(citizen)x
Alys Beauson(citizen)x
Ingelward Duclos(citizen-trait)x
Ula Haafenstaagel(citizen)x
Bulettooth Hannah(citizen-trait)x
Garrelt Upert(citizen)x
Tryphosa Posh(citizen-trait)x
Avina Van Biesbrouck(citizen-trait)x
Matilda Downer(citizen-trait)x

mudpits npc in reach : One Eyed Wozzard(npc)
The Shady Dealer(npc)
blind Melon(npc)
The Backstreet Boys(npc)
Hard Hands Harry(npc)

the eastern tunnels

playerlevelmax actions this round

eastern tunnels npc in reach :

the forest down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round

forest down-below npc in reach :

the dungeon down-below

playerlevelmax actions this round

dungeon down-below npc in reach :

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“Only in silence the word, Only in dark the light, Only in dying life: Bright the hawk's flight On the empty sky.

—The Creation of Éa”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

no explanation on anything available as its not open for any but testing and -ers (there's basically also nothing yet)

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