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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


Slow summer, got nowhere, did barely antying but some programming and annoy myself a lot about steem, too much. So i'll stick to the daily morgan and the weekly this (hopefully) for a few weeks.

Mandatory fluff as the exploration goes

Its not like i dont have anything more but ive been re-working parts and i feel atm half the washed-up beach script can use an overhaul. I was checking it today and i thought something like "in what dimension did i write that?"
So ..

but, mandatory fluff ...

it's ofcourse not the next exchange where you can disperse more fiat value over another 500 coins, its just a game that's growing by the hundreds of lines of code which is good and not good but as i havent gotten to the content filling part it's starting to look like it's gonna unhinge my internet just loading assets, however, looking at modern games, be it PC or PS or xbox, they easily reach 30-40 sometimes 60gb so i think im still well within limits

and ofcourse,

mandatory fluff ...

that's basically just practice, the tacmap is working (as good as) but the battlesystem is far from there, the pickups on the map are there (the loose ones which are semi-random ... in a way, stay in place but might not be next time you login and i want to include weather too)

i want to include a LOT ...

but atm

i was wondering what the max size of that thing was , it says standard 128 mb i use it a bit like cache really and its at about 150kb-ish atm , that means no need for sql connections unless new stuff and it gets loaded every call anyway because that's how php works

So if the interface is 4 directionkeys and a mouseclick there's definitely a lot under the hood, micromanagement (not in the least for simply surviving) but i want also crafting, mabye, no really actually building, hirelings/henchmen and if i really go wild in my head maybe a complete strategic zonemap where you can actually go like it heroes or something ... all on the stack ofcourse.

It's all been very slow i feel like im lagging if not slacking but what part of the world is not right now so i must be in sync or else it else

I was thinking if next week brings council and motivation in the form of actual potential then maybe i could divert to get some small arcade type clientside game up (with necessary server checks ofcourse) so that @goldmanmorgan balance can be used for something else but withdrawing heh

But that all depends, i dont think i'll divert time for it if all that #stuff doesn't fall in place first and i have zero probability wether it will or wont or is even possible until i get that phonecall and probably a local face 2 face because the belgian laws = jungle.

For a country of less people than the client file of steam valve, we do have probably the most politicians and maybe cops and definitely laws and regulations per square meter (lets not mention the taxes heh)

Stay tuned for more, the first get-your-bearings and also returntohellwhendead zone is working you can run it through but no characters can be generated yet. The idea for that would be to show no numbers for stats and on generation choose a bit like mount&blade would ... pick a few background things which get some stat modifiers, nothing fancy ... i dont want it to focus on numbercrunching.

How does micromanagement work without numbers ? well it works with relative barcharts and gauges as in if "hunger" is totally read

you die ...

(for instance)

to focus on the game and not min-maxing but its all a very long way away, lets hope next week brings some sparkles, a small game that works would be very useful for testing load and balancing on sql <->morgan account numbers anyway

Tschuess then ... i just bumped into an old friend i could be balling right now but its really not the time heh ... sadly ...

another time then mate

i really want it to be something nice AND rock-hard, not some angry birds-casual , so i dont think it will be for everybody but since i wanna get it on steam/valve it probably doesnt have to be ...

which will probably require me to get an actual downloadable client ... pops in my head right now tskk ... well that would be a re-compiled version of chrome or ff then i guess

i'll see that when i get there

have a nice day :D

oo-wee such friendly ...

m hm ? hm yes, euhm "cache" is maybe a foul word in pro-speak in this way but i did some research on loading and filegetcontents and all that , question being does it keep it in server memory or not, and it turns out its a file so instead of making sql calls every time and instead of loading data from anything more than once i just keep it all inthere as needed ... so it just makes one-time file access which by all means on a thousand to ten or hundredk page calls should really make difference as access times even on ssd still do exist if not simply multiple processes need be spawned instead of one, even if in sequence ... is my reasoning there ... sounds like cache to me really lol ...i'm not a pro , i never did this kind of php before so maybe im both missing stuff and also getting stuff that would be skipped for standard procedure like for instance JSON is the easy way but by far not always the fastest on both server and client side, same for serialize vs. explode, the idea being that 5 or 10 players wont make a dent but on the off-chance that its 5 or 10 thousand all those micro nano and picosecond might and the less network connections needed the better i guess since in these days i can only assume network has the most potential for bottleneck (my amateurish take on the matter :D)

gud ... cya next week then

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