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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


all in the name of STEEM ofcourse ...

been busy all day migrating all videos from the old youtube channell to a dedicated one ,

google said click here to download everything but i still havent gotten the link one week or more later so i do it one by one then

tiresome ...

so pardon the short post, i know i should put more effort into it here for the 4 cents i get but not today ...

SO :

when the game is live, at the moment it uses a steem wallet with the front-end at the account @goldmanmorgan, instruction manual included in the daily post, in essence you can vote to charge playcoin (but you dont have to ofcourse or steemnazis will stake me like the vampire i am) ... if you have a a balance (it will show seven days after the first vote) you can set the account to player status by registering / linking on the tyrnannoght website
'player' status means you don't need to vote at least once every 60 days to keep it open, a measure NOT put in to lure people into upvoting me from 3 to 4 cents but to prevent clutter from passers-by
you can set the account to sponsor, which will atm get you nothing but a permanent 'local' wallet at @goldmanmorgan but later has a status in the game that allows handing out odd-jobs/side quests and trading items on AH
to do so just reply with the word 'sponsor' on the most recent post @goldmanmorgan , accounts set to sponsor can not simply revert to 'player' ... its a balance thing
there's more but its all explained in the manual

i am moving all videos to a dedicated youtube channel here :


the zones won't be posting anymore, just this one here and @goldmanmorgan

i am working on a Faceberg page but i think Faceberg wants me to upload my passport /ID card AGAIN, which im somewhat loathe to do over the interwebz but will link in posts when its up ofcourse ..

if you see the videos bottom up on youtube you can get an idea of where it started and where it's going, at the moment only limbo is live and can be tested with the provided tester credentials

playercharacters can not be generated yet, so you cant keep items , its just a small demo of basic mechanics and also the place you go to when you die

that said, i think i got my four cents out of it :)

thanks for ... for .. euhm , everything i guess

uploaded vids arent put on public until i use them here for now ... which makes dtube sadly not an option, besides that would be double use and might attract downvote cartels as well ... gotta be careful these days in soviet steemit :D

woops, Sarcasticat out (trying very hard not to ... but people just make that ... very hard)

u-huh, there's nothing to promote so i don't, no ICO, no token (yet but who knows ...) no media hype , no e.t.a. ... i found myself trying to structure things and doing it at set times with the consequence that i barely did anything all month so i think i'm going back to "when my head is screwed on right"

the banner on youtube is pretty much screwed so i guess i'll need to render a new logo for that too




... and thus et al

so basically im not complaining about the lack of million dollar votes, just confirming the grand theory of social relativity :D ... (<- fake smile) , no really ... all good but every vote is welcome ofcourse, wether they come or not i'll be doing it anyway but marketing is not my middle name

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Hello @tyrnannoght, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!