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“For we each of us deserve everything, every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead kings, and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger. Have we not eaten while another starved? Will you punish us for that? Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate? No man earns punishment, no man earns reward. Free your mind of the idea of deserving, the idea of earning, and you will begin to be able to think.”

― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

Some posts explaining (on steemit in this case : ) -

(how to register the steemitwallet-account used with the website)

At the moment :

@tyrnannoght combined vote 0.011890088373951 STEEM(!)after payout - 10 Friday Apr 2020, 2:35 UTC ... ? is this broken again ?
These , F.a.q and contact form and info can be found here

... snaps below ...

  1. ManyWeather, 25 : bit less braindead but still a total mess, i dont think ill ever get un-messed again. sunday steem-day ... some bits on the house of Morgan (which is not the and not representative of 'the' game(main) but merely a gateway for people who would use a cryptowallet instead of just play ... a bit of a daunting solo for damaged hardware like myself, however it keeps certain parts of my brain functional which would otherwise be spent ... i have no idea but probably just lying on the floor or something close to that. Well dont wait up for it, if you're Cryptonian you have 5 or 6 who promise you money while sleeping for playing ... but i still have to see the first steemmonsters millionnaire but ofcourse i dont really walk in those circles ... might be a bit more chance for 'indie'-types now with the great divide, who knows ... but on Crypton ... you will get mostly early access and ICO types instead of dont wait up for it and it wont make you rich while sleeping types ... (owh , my marketing harem has found me i have to STFU ...) DONT WAIT UP FOR IT, its a hobby- project ... if people ever enjoy it that would be awesome, but if no one ever plays it ill be doing it anyway ... its about the best i can muster with whats left of myself , no salespitch, no mediahype ... no roadmaps (like steemit inc HAHAHAH), but also no promise of tomorrow. I wont refuse if you hand me your money now though, i just wont ask for it and make a lot of bla ...(blablabla ...) :) :D :p ... Yohoho! (yoLOLo). Im a lot less arrogant than you think i sound but thats b/c you're a competitive psychopath with at least 50% chance of narcissism ... AIE ... Kanamori just pushed me out the window ... o dearie ! what can i do to make that up ... (money, she says ... hmmmm ... well thats not gonna come from steemit then heh) ... look what you did now ... yah ,also and again : updates do not imply files having been uploaded to the 'live' server its merely proof of life atm
  2. ManyWeather, 24 : braindead ... sleep deprivation and absolutely organized stuff - just trying to clear the code in mini-OFC but i cant find the bracket , i cant think , i can actually ... barely see with my glasses on ... 7:18 ... nearly made it through, braindedder ... didnt get far as expected ... fullscreen scale seems to dontwanna even if i c/p it from a working version heh, starting to think designed levelmaps would b better than random platforms, which would mean ... basically ... garbagecan for everything after intro/asset-loader... 30 more minutes ... MUST! cant just let them think for one second they can push me into those hours. You want some damaged with that ? I actually never functioned like that, you are mistaken ... please check your memories for REAL memories ... hmmmm ... still 30 more minutes ... you know, without the dmg i would very likely be halfway finished and at the next levels and also not have to force myself to bite it through ... but confused : objects are linear ? scale: has to be before physics: or it puts the game somewhere in an odd place and the scaling wont work ? something does not compute, maybe its me
  3. ManyWeather, 24 : barring the probability of having 500 hidden beetles left-over in the few bytes it takes registration/login should work for both 'house of morgan'(steemwallet,maybe future hivewallet if they keep their rpc-pi the same, otherwise that will be for 2250 , after the game goes live in 2150) and standard (e-mail registration and play a game to play a game not to dripfarm crypto while sleeping) ... emphasis on 'should' as my extensive team of testers was too expensive so i had to lay them off (you know, corona and all that), the maid's on strike and such and im generally a broke bum who can just manage the cheapest available hosting in Hell (which happens to be one of the best as it turns out ... for people who know at least a bit to a byte about it ...). Form validation might not be 100% fool-proof (kanamori-chan says i can say fool but not idiot, thats GREAT :) ... one is insulting and the other is not, i pretend to not understand the hippies to the point where they grant me aspergers but thats fine, once classified im a measurable thing and no longer alien, it makes them less hostile ...). After that im stuck with the login scenes from "way back" when morgan was built on steem that was worth $3 ... which now will have to serve 2 'eco-systems' ... the custom client is priority but the mini-games will be in-game as well (plenty of them as you can play them with npcs and hopefully by 2175 with other players - php is not really built for massive p2p interaction, certainly not for co-opX4 'n stuff but im basically learning every day i do something on it ... i even got an ANSWER on stackoverflow (i also had two "this is how to ask the question"s but i had an actual answer, im moving on up in the world ... your world ... which i actually have been trying to get out of since i was around 20 .... heh , and also haHAH, the thing was to be 'nobody' , not to be no-thing stuck knee-deep in dante's swamp forever) - madness ? yes but it used to be simply ab-normality ... as a reminder : 'updates' here atm do not necesarilly reflect the files uploaded to the live server for the time being. More like proof-of-life
  4. ManyWeather, 23 : actually logging in -playing with HIVE/STEEM wallets should be literally the same (for now) - assuming i use hivewallets as an option, standard accounts (not to be confused with any of the five accounts types available when using a crypto-wallet ... do you want mayo or ketchup with that). PLUS the original thats scanning for commands on teh cahin left at the most recent post at @goldmanmorgan AND hahah, yea ... well obviously useless since downvote wankers just need proof of brainformoney. I think i'll just mark it out for now completely, maybe leave 'unlink' for fast lockdown and stick to 'sunday steemday' principles until (if ever) it gets some incoming money, hm ... GUD, plan ... i have a plan, o wait last time i had a plan i found myself stuck in hellville few months later only to see life decline and eventually be stuck in lockdown in the middle of a global zombie apocalypse, so lets not say plan ... lets say ... practical decision ... hahahah AHAHAHAHAAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. ManyWeather, 23 : the usual well-planned no-code design where i drag and drop a few bits in a promotional video swiping around lego in AR-space ... or maybe not ... form validation plus registration and login ... peeking it on the fly image generation as i SERIOUSLY dont want to use that annoying captcha where you are used to train googles learning algorithms for free by teaching it which patterns are what (for free) ... PLUS seriously costly in time and nervous breakdown patience ... its not really a login to the pentagon if it can handle scriptkiddiescripts 'bought online' i think that will be more than enough i can always add yubikey but my prime concern is bombing (?) ... yea whatere you call it. I don't see this cerberus thing where you just lock the site after getting too many requests from one ip in x time b/c that's like giving a protozoan script-kid an on/off button to your site ... and some then then some ... hobby project, not product ... i dont know why but i feel like i need to keep stressing this , also NOT open source, breaking in to my pc or house when im not there or using ppl i know to get information is basically a crime ... in my own book of law thats the penalty HAHA (lol sure , yes no ofcourse) ... no really, yes really
  6. ManyWeather, 22 : thursday ? ... m well, zombie apocalypse and mysterious pieces falling off hard drives that lie on a shelf untouched aside ... some more form validation. What about the game ? what about it ? You can take a minor gamble if you have a linked steemitwallet with a goldmanmorgan balance to it (might be hard since the downvoting started but you can charge it if you like, it should work ... should HAH HAH ...) dont wait up for it, its a hobby project, im not here to save the whale , the whale didnt save me either. The machine that handles the steemitwallet incoming tx isnt on 24/7 anymore (it costs more electricity than i get by leaving it on), but it will credit when its on - if anyone would actually do it and you have a complaint you can find the links to Telegram, and the support form here should work fine , or leave a reply on steemit @tyrnannoght i DO still check those (but i dont think i have to worry about anyone mistakenly sending cryptons for now) ... ANYWAY .. if theres a problem we will fix that, if you dont then there can be no problem at all . if you dont trust it ? then dont do it anyway :) ... right back to the , yea where was i?
  7. ManyWeather, 19 : saturday minigame/demo-day ... moving assets so they load seems like a good start from where it stopped ... ahem*cough*(no coronacough ... i think ... i hope) - looking pretty awful there with the debuggles on and that starfield missing and that ... half of it missing hm. New server has 50gigs of space unlimited traffic (and http2 and zipped transmission, like ALL the goodies i heard of so far, php7.4 , preloading, but i can, ofcourse not totally config that thing as it is shared hosting , (read : affordable without being paid), if i cram all that full of assets (lol) i'll have like a call of duty type download so im guessing that will be a while heh. The relaxing bit, all that registration stuff is necessary ofcourse and all the checks and doublechecks before and after posting .. all those cronjobs for maintenance and connection to teh cahin ... thats not really the fun-bit AND since i want a custom client the minigames will be THE games for the time being. (ofc. as always under the 'dont wait up for it' motto, althoug i will accept a million dollar and crank one out by next week at low quality for high cost, but it will work LOL ... sure, go ahead, let me know if you my bank account number) I plan to ose OGA assets for the minigames as well, and eventually replace them later with my own WHEREAS for the 'main game' i want 'only mine' ... or maybe if it makes me 100k a month i hire a full time artist to give me consistent darkness in character design but it doesnt look like ill get that anytime soon (and it doesn look like 'artist visum' is something theyre gonna allow me to have here (same as always : no connections heh ... how the hell do you think a soviet police state works then ?) and thus ... (and so ...) beats the 6oclock telly still by a lightyear ... cant compare to having a sexlife and a trusted waifu though (best case one who lets you dablle on the programming as well while you're not stalking her for a bit o' that ... hmm, i rest my case with Schoppenhauer there, if you can ignore me you'll have a hard time ignoring him, gud (offtopic i guess, yes ?) m hmm ... nnh, OFC (an Obol for Charon) as a platformer, i want some different types like the endless runner bit on a timer and actual platformers (short levels) which i can base on what i have from OGA1 (different gfx and levels ofc) - how to link it to something i could crypto ? no clue as its client side and realtime its kinda impossible to prevent cheating so any kind of prizes would require a full recording of the playthrough ... i guess ... we'll see (at least i will, no idea if anyone else will ever...) ... hm-ph .. well, between all that steem-engine and hive i got half done but at least something and well ... my life was going nowhere before the apocalypse anyway, time is all i have however, after today i'll have one day less than yesterday (yes, yes, o yay!) :)
  8. ManyWeather, 17 : pls duly note so its noted, updates arent necessarily 'live' unless stated but might be ... the motto 'dont wait up for it was no joke' . There's too many triffids tonight as well, they're attacking from all sides and leave no window for a single breath of oxygen. Mucking about on what will eventually be 'separate eco-systems' (=certainly dont wait up for the HIVE-wallet reg yet but ill try to put up morgan there so HIVEwatchers can start downvoting it for one of their dictatorial rules) i find i will have issues with memory, not in the form of processing memory for the time being, but storage. JSON and serializing is very nice for people who cant read, its very clean and also easy to pass on to the next guy in line who cant read after you got fired for the guy who does it for less but in essence its very heavy on the bytevolume. Thats what you get for being oil in a pipeline. By my estimate, seeing the few examples i have in storage ... if i get 100 registered players who dont have too many achievements , status, skills and faction data to track, and about no more than the 10 example items and the other example data used for test-driving im already over the database limit in sql ... SO ... custom = teh win b/c there will be no other option (but im safe for the moment since there is no game and there are no players)
  9. ManyWeather, 16 : daily updates just like daily posts ... cost-effective, its a hobby project and it clearly doesnt pay , BUT i will not stop you from giving me a billion before i have anything to show ofcourse, you can call me EOS if you like, or any (most) of the others ... thats fine, early-access ? early access to what ? just gimme a billion and ill PROMISE you tomorrow ... but alle gekheid op een zotje, mostly daily cycle adaptation plus registration forms and stuff, css styling ... you can take a gamble at crack-the-vault in the house of morgan if you have a linked/registered steemitwallet account and euh ... i suppose 'OfC' will be next to be playable, as for the main-game, i already stated quite a few times i wont be going deeper (actually in real geography that would be higher) than the zone-zero : limbo until i have a custom client AND (heres the real fun bit that will give your pyramid marketeers a heart attack .. i will focus that on linux first ... Kanamori-chan is already trying to blueball me for that but that's fine ... its how we get along (thats all in my head ofcourse, i would be so lucky...). You'd think so and im sure its better (read : common) practice to get the money first and in essence if worked FOR someone i WOULD , i been ripped off plenty and focus on details like having a program later, let alone details like quadruple check logins for structure before submitting is allowed but ... well actually no but ... turns out aspergers will actually tell you if your butt is fat ... but the guy selling you that $500 skirt won't so in the end the first one might prevent you from looking ridiculous but you want the other one so you like lying to yourself, no wonder you get ripped off more than me (Kanamori-chan just whacked me with a large ledger ... ill better shut up)

  10. Webp.net-gifmaker (3).gif

    @tyrnannoght holds:(20200412)

    • CCC : 5006 staked , (#creativecoin), well, creativecoin .. no more or less shady than any crypto i assume and well-adopted with a living actual community, hoping to see them expand on the options
    • GG : 3189 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
    • UFM : 3504 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !
    • its really messy how every wallet that ever sent you a 10 billionth of a coin stays in the list and how it takes like half a day to get everything in place - maybe i havent found the automation tools yet

    for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
    i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

    all images, code, programming, foul language, and about everything else copyright 2017 - 2150 alleycat.be (unless it is made available on opengameart or unless it is available on my sourceforge bit ) - trespassers in my cables will be shot, trolls will be marked ... survivors will be hung outside my window with their head on a pike on my driveway as a warning

    i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

    the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

    no salespitch

    no mediahype

    the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

    *Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
    (tyr - nan - noght)

    for more you can check out :

    pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/alleycatd0033/

    twitter : https://twitter.com/tyrnannoght

    The Youtube Channel (click)

    any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

    any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports

    The goldmanmorgan actual website :

    The @tyrnannoght actual website (where the game will be, moving servers atm ...

    not sure how these things are supposed to work other than being able to mute but i parked one so no one steals the name like those domain-name hoggers who would extort you for 20 times the money later :

    steemit Tyrnannoght community : here

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    if these mentions bother you please let me know in reply to @tyrnannoght or on telegram pls , those are the only two i check atm

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