@tyrnannoght : from rags to riches , hunger and thirst

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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


I'm a bit further down the line but hey ... spilling beans is a waste of food and it's a long way to go :

hunger and thirst, the washed-up beach, as a first zone and a barren waste is mainly about survival really, no superdragonslayer swords included, as a player it should display the game mechanics that will go throughout , and to me its about programming them and figuring out how to keep it somewhat balanced ... which is also

a long way to go ...

the new blender 2.8 = drullz but now i try the leftclick standard its getting used to , just like the "more intuitive" menu structure b/c its all in a different spot now lol

i can't say it's supreme but my dunesnake has improved, just a sneak :

to the left bl 2.79 with bones and blender render, to the right 2.80 with curve mod and cycles ... learn a little every time

right then ... , say what ? not much effort ? allow me to :

set a stopwatch

get yourself a bare pc , install linux, install apache, php , mysql, phpmyadmin and then some, 0day versions , get phaser, program a bit of a game to look like that at least, get blender, install, find a tutorial on "modelling a snake" .... find another one, and another one since it's 2.8 now not 1.34 anymore
and another one,


do stuff ...

and by the time you wrote the ten lines to go with it click stop on the watch ...

come again ? :)

well, it looks like ole' Larrimer still had some steem up his sleeve to dump if what i hear about EOS is right, 10 PERCENT UP ? ... didnt check cos thats for rich folk only, even more elitist than here, so if that's the case i think it wouldn't be too far fetched that mister L. has ALSO a hand in the current state of affairs , since they split up and i assume people at CEO-level are all what i personally call "competitive psychopaths" , you know the kind that HAS to win even if you're not playing they're still poking you to get you to admit they won and you're like "wut?" who dafuk are you ? and they like


and you like shrug ... what dafuk are you on about ?


so, thats more than enough for 8 cents then ... the game WILL be there, even if steem dumps to one cent, i need the chain to have the playcoin as equivalent in steem , my ultimate goal is greenlight on STEAM(valve) anyway - which, if succeeds should benefit both my empty pocket and the steemchain ofc ... unless Larrimer wants to buy me out ?

But does it have condenser, Dan ? it doesnt even have free accounts does it ? or did that change ?

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