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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


proof of life .... slowgress is progress

i got my degree in idiot with an A+ yesterday as i first didnt set the amount so it went for the standard rich people number ... then doubled as one of their 'wallets was having technical difficulties ...'

whatever that means ... so instead of dumping some scrap copper i spent 4 times what i intended or more ... on top of that the main pc wont boot so if i need new hardware i actually spent the money on this gaping pit called steem already for this month AND there's no water today !
I should have known, things were going right for two seconds ... that the curse would strike but well the combined VP of tyrnannoght be closing in on 1000 now probably heh (yay, in the # new world order that means i might get my money back by the time im 120 years old tsch ...

im gonna slap myself around for a couple of days now

So, the game, well the videos are there on youtube ofcourse ...
i have twitter now too but i see i talk about a lot there thats not game but its there ofcourse:


#tyrnannoght #gamedev #opgaming #games #gaming #rpg #graphic #design #sndbox #creativecrypto

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oo thankies !!!


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