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in tyrnannoght •  15 days ago 

Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


Trying to keep it as simple as possible to interact

one byte at a time and if my head acts up one bit

simple equip, swap item ... the bigger thing will be in the sql (or whatever goes by the time i get anything live) as some items double qua type , your basic pickup-rock is both a weapon and a resource ...

Alas no dragonslayer swords +10 so far and there won't be in zone 1 either ... but people are happy with a rock and a bamboo shoot in Ark Evolved to start with so i have great hopes (lol hmm) , plus the fact that a rock is a resource and a melee weapon but can also act as ranged , which should, when i can format that be a nice spot for future use.

Not too much snaziness this week i'm afraid but at least i got my 4 cents in :D

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