@tyrnannoght : caught by entropy

in tyrnannoght •  2 months ago  (edited)

Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


With the migraines and everything that was better coming back since two weeks now i can't say much has been done, on either or any side of what i want to ... probably the ghost of summer and the commerce trying to pull me into summer, which ive always hated since i was a hay-feverish kid, and more so as a broke bum :)

I love how people use the words "blockchain" and "gaming" in one breath as a salespitch, just like every new "investor" on the block would talk about "blockchain", "disruption", "de-centralization" and what not, organic and communities in one sentence as it seems to attract people because they "heard the word" ...

In essence a blockchain is about the worst thing to build a game on as it IS an immutable ledger, built to store data in a way it can never be corrupted, which makes it unfit for about anything that requires action, certainly anything that requires fast action BUT

when speaking the language of "bla" make sure to include the hype-words ... that's one thing we all know ... but not all of us apply or like to, when it comes to this here ?

It's a personal project - and id still like it to be a work, not a product. It's been two weeks since i touched it, and i find "booting" it gits several bugs that werent there, it doesn't load into the next zone, my battlemap position is all off, the encounter jingle and anim seem to slow down the whole pc and first of all wouldnt even show, i got about nine that i havent seen without touching it for a week.

Now that's what i call entropy. As for "gaming" .. i wouldn't call it "blockchain gaming" as the only thing it uses the chain for is the playcoin, the rest of the game has NOTHING to do with the fabled legendary "blockchain" word

and so ...

that's why i shouldn't do the talking HAHAAAAAAAAAAA (i can feel the migraine coming, its trying to push me into 9am rounds again ... it hurts everything, physically


o yea, but i AM a nutcase, i keep saying that and then people deny until they come round telling me i am



ah !

should get a new footsy :

I'll be moving out of discord, i don't talk anyway, it's way too heavy on the resources to keep open and telegram is simply lite and better suited to "simply support" (in case it ever needs any) for both @tyrnannoght / https://tyrnannoght.alleycat.be , for @goldmanmorgan :

that would be :


i can keep that open on my desktop on the machine i run alleycat on (which is not the server that runs tyrnannoght atm btw , talk about redundant info lol ..) Just in case, but there's virtually nothing to support yet ...

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