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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


primal battlefields ... "development" has been nothing but slow for a month and a half but as its a hobby-project and not a promise of delivery the only that bothers me about it is why i can't get myself back in sync.

A lot more than OMG deadline , i have tried from the start not to create hype but some of the people in my head have a knack for causing spillage and overflow due to different levels of tact and ways of voicing things, not to mention the absolute flipside that recently got me in twitter jail for talking smack to Trump (lol)

but we're on a first name basis again ? are we not, Donald ? i'm alleyat-of-the-people after all, or would have been if the last timeline didnt break ...

not that i pro- or de- , and certainly has nothing to do with here, but any prez who doesnt cause a war with collateral damage at my frontdoor practically already gets bonus points from me. Internal affairs of the states are not really my concern.

So, the game, well the videos are there on youtube ofcourse ...
i have twitter now too but i see i talk about a lot there thats not game but its there ofcourse:
I requested Faceberg but havent had a reply yet so i assume they'll want my passport again, but its not really crucial , specially not yet and i find twitter already sucking up time, time im not using to do #stuff , heh

The tacmap is just a proto but so is most on the washed-up beach , core mechanics, ofcourse its not about a 14 hex map and one guy slugging it out with a snake from start to end but its gotta start somewhere, i think i figured out the how-to on an initiative queue that works in a turn-based game with round-based combat, that would work as well for one guy and a snake as it would for one guy, a hireling/henchman and several critters at once (implementation and testing is another thing ofcourse).
Picking up loot is simple SQL, animating it in a whole extra scene on top of it is another thing. But the combat needs to work first. Moving a snake across a hexmap is not really as simple as it might seem b/c the server has to calculate it, otherwise it would be easy in phaser "moveTo" or something.
After which i could move to the first npc-interaction (buying/selling) with ole spicey (who lives on the beach) but that also has a lot to it, more than just some SQL as the npcs need 'behaviour' in a daily cycle where they do #stuff
Stuff that will show itself to whoever ever plays. Comes down to daily activities so they wont be always sitting in one square on the map or doing the same thing but might have a routine (like hoominz) ... Spicey being a stranded old scurvey pirate who's not too keen on much ruckus anymore for instance is a fisherman (among others) and crafts (among others) ... i had the routine working in the shell-script so that would just need translating and a daily cron-call "during maintenance"
the others are mostly yet to be defined ...
Also had the idea that if i can figure out powerup with steempy i can accept everything @blocktrades is already exchaning for future use in payments through @goldmanmorgan "The Vaultkeeper of Tyrnannoght" (for various purposes i wont define or decline yet) ... sustainability requires some kind of income and i believe a lot more in the steemmonsters model than simply scraping it all off of the chain as THE CHAIN doth reward thee in a share of the inflation , NOT in a share of the dollars as such, be it know and spread the word ...

plenty of ideas but my brain isnt in check and im not in synce, despite that slowgress is progress and i still have every intention of brining my hobby tinkers to a presentable and playable state ...

the whole thing @goldmanmorgan is basically already there, its not just that daily post, depending on account status steem and/or sbd can be sent to get various items (in most cases in-active ofcourse but the program works and the cronjob runs just fine)

@tyrnannoght will power up indefinitely from what it can get (until further notice ofc but the intention is to have clout after a while after all on this one) the zones have limits to the SP which has to do with balancing under the current system which is
classified ... it's not open source and i think opensourcing a game that runs with a crypto-wallet in itself is already folly

And so and thus and then, lets not overdo it, there's another post next week ...


#tyrnannoght #gamedev #opgaming #games #gaming #rpg #graphic #design #sndbox #creativecrypto

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