THIS is what we do at night okay

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you know, i saw at least THREE pass by my house and it was still dark ?

do you think i should "call them" ?

i think they're stalking me, im scared ....

( .... ... ... )


even if it gets nowhere and its impossible to make money off of in soviet helgium without risking being in debt for life

it gets that head clear

in the middle of drukkerland

so this is what we do at night

not thai kiddiepr0n (no offense to thailand btw , we know not everyone there is a prostitute ... the world just has a funny view on things)

could you like

"forever hold your silence" now ?

yea, from friday to monday there might be gaming

after all

you want to MAKE a game

you should GAME

otherwise its gonna suck

even if it doesnt sell

to us its salvation in hell


satellius hasnt risen up to the icebucket challenge yet of

show me windows 11 doing that with a celeron and a gtx 970 on 8gb of remmers

they dont pick up the phone

(for you "productive" folk ... YOURE LIVING A LIE)




the rest ?

"*I don't know that i ever wanted greatness on its own. It seems rather like wanting to be an engineer, rather than wanting to design something - or wanting to be a writer, rather than wanting to write. It should be a by-product, not a thing in itself. Otherwise it's just an ego-trip"

Roger Zelazny

yea thats it - - - well

  • giving up is something life will do anyway
  • keep busy
  • dont get caught in one box : they will profile you
  • and #stuff


lol no offense but thailanders couldnt hold a candle next to the latino's :)))

you might have a point there ... though since last year they found "there was cocaine in antwerp" (lol ...) but as it turns out its no longer the quiet and silent off-grid Mocro (organisation) but actually some kind of triangle involving colombians, sinaloa (mexico, i think where Chapo Guzman was king) and some italian cosa nostra that calls itself n' drangheta ...
at least some business is still moving forward here lol lllll l l l l ....

i probably mentioned thailand b/c someone in my family has had some serious trouble with her significant other taking off with the money to go find "happy" in thailand ... must have blown a fuse or something

nasty business really but in the end its HIM to blame, not "all women in thailand", right :)

guys a loser who succumbed to his perversions, its hard we don't always make the best choices for our partners, lord knows i am no better how many times i made the wrong choice and ended up holding the bag like your sister. i would say its my fault for not paying attention but even so we cant control the weather either so ... cant say its only a guy problem either i guess why you need to know if its only sex appeal or are people really connected and interested in each other because:



everyday is a new day :))) just waiting to see which one of the boys will cave in first :))) i would be betting on elon though.

as long as they think someone is home its all good most of the time ...
if you wanna see them run... take a few pictures with the flash on :))) n yeah a coupla security cams good deterrent should give you some peace of mind since that's what they initially look for well most of the smart ones anyways.


not sure what you mean about the caving in ... but as with Tesla and Edison it would be fairly normal that the guy with the talk "wins" from the ideas guy

there's so much mundanes and none of them gets the ideas guy

but if the talk guy strings seven magic words together

like organic blockchain tribal synergy +3

it clicks :)

looks like crypton will be down till feb/march again

they just do it to make sure no one gets up from down below

it might uproot the notion and the caste system

i was actually just thinking about how intel should come out with a cpu that has a ppu-co processor (particle processing unit) ... its LACKING in gameland ...
i wouldnt but its self-serving advice here and ill never get the billions to do that myself in time

i know i know


favelas in africa get raped more so i dont have the right to complain and should just be happy mopping :p

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