The price of doing steemit

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correction lol : 2 times ... omfg ... its been a field-week, good thing there's a zombie apocalypse and people are dying everywhere ... last time i checked it was about 100 a day ... now its up to a maximum of FIVE HUNDRED DAILY DEATHS ?

around 300 avg ????

otherwise i would have been really annoyed by my little mistake but that puts it in perspective, five hundred ? here ?

i think the only thing that saved me is a timeout between posts ...

the issue was a * where it should say 0

i can not delete those posts

i can also not fix it if some wanker comes downvote it for spemz and happens to have more proof-of-money than i do

i cant say much , unless its a (w)hackers idea of funny in my cables i made the typo ... probably not the first or last one

but euhm ...

a bit after i got on here ... 3 years+ now i think first i had this weird idea that witnesses and steemit were here to listen , the salespitch really sounded like wonderland and i dared make a suggestion since i cared and thought the ones raking in 10.000 dollar a day (when steem was $7) would to ... but ...

for one thing : to have a cooldown-period before things get 'locked' ... i can think of maybe 100.000 legal reasons why you would want that and about the same personal BUT

i was told (at least i got an answer) , mister Scott WANTED it like that in case he wanted to do an audit later

and me like


and then sometime later someone else told me

(now careful now thats info i did not verify, ... it would be kinda hard too)

mister Scott has a background in covert ops and ... well basically used to work for the NSA (likely as sys-admin or something)

i dont know if that was sarcasm but it would explain the rest

so now : no cooldown : no correcting .. i cant delete them and that's that ...

sorry for that, i shall try not to mix my one character with the other (its pretty clear i havent in all the days before heh ..)

tschhhh .... anyway

yea, but thats the whole thing ... i don't write novels for ten dollar im writing a game ... would be awfully sad if my presence on steemit got wanked because of stuff like that but

they did it to morgan too ... its not like i would lose sleep over it anymore

not even after the take-over (although its nice to see they're pro-active in inter-action .... but i dont see much improvement on the roadmap to innovation and price-strategies ... but what do i know ? i even make typo's

im clearly not superman ...

fyi ... in case trolls can read thats why theres 10 posts

o , right ?

am i gonna get censored now, lol ? hahah

god dam, they're falling like flies here omg

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