the game : proof of life

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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


i wouldn't say kicking but somewhat alive ... not much motivation from the steemprice side so im more or less thinking on why it's worth the effort to improve the interface between the steemitwallet @goldmanmorgan / @gmdatacenter holding all the player balances and the game ... after all if its just numbers worth zero its a lot easier to just use numbers worth zero and forget the whole blockchain thing.
Well ... morgan picks the data from votes on posts and i put that in an sql table .. CLEARLY faster than picking it from "the chain" ... (lots) datacenter i use to put up custom json (encoded , not encrypted yet) about 4-5Kb for 130-150 account balances but that's still about ... pff dunno 200 ms to 5 seconds slower than picking it from sql ... i dont have a custom server so i cant check out rocksdb and i probably wouldnt at this stage anyway ... and thus and then ...
But also with development speed slowing down to steemprice levels (i dont think thats the reason, i still cant quite put my finger on why i just went to brain-zero in august) its becoming quite hard to have to learn to read again once every so many weeks to see what i wrote since im not mister structure ... picking up the corpse ... well , has me wading through a few script thats combined already over 2000 lines of code and remars and since i havent been on it daily i simply dont know what goes where anymore ... that's zero-design for you , it works, and fast (more than enough) and it runs on this celeron-pc in firefox (which means chrome should do it faster unless googles full of it) ... but the program is as much a mess in structure as is my brain, not really built to be read by other people and clearly not by me after several weeks


i still have no intention of giving up on the game (cant say the same for steem or -it ... but we shall see :)

proof of life

Screenshot from 2019-10-26 02-36-59.png

if i ever get to a point where the core mechanics are in place (for at least zones the type of washed-up beach ... the intention is to have different types still, the tunnels and the dungeon more like a fake3D p.o.v. , old dungeon master game-style) and maybe more, if it doesnt get money at least its gotta be interesting for me ...

see you in 2050 next week for another post, morgan is once a week, everything's once a week atm ... i dont feel obliged to save the whale
at all
probably a traitor to "the tribe" then lol, see if i care ...

the current sprites are actually back to "by me" but the intermed :

current playersprite credits :
male base :
Copyright/Attribution Notice:
Art by Tayoko, commissioned by (
female base :
Copyright/Attribution Notice:
Art by Mandi Paugh, commissioned by (

uh, the one in the screenshot is based from template coming from "looseleaf" by MAck (hail Mack :p) which is apparently nowhere to be found anymore, as im not the greatest pixel-artist templates are salvation (its a bit like colouring between the lines afterwards) towards custom sprites SO ... the sprites used, mostly (for the NPC's / players & citizens will not be OGA as they will require having bought the software used to make them ... but im checking out all kinds of stuff on Steam/valve lately, i just need 7000 dollar to buy it all ... heh not really , most of anything else will be done with blender/gimp so there's not catch to that, however, modelling in blender .... sigh the youtube demos make it look cool, which it is, but they also make it look easy, which for a rank amateur like me , it is not ... a snake is one thing with some spline to curve it, complicated things like scorpions or more however might take a little more time , npc animations ... well , im still wrestling with the clothes and hair (it just wont stay in place on MBlab and)

daz3D might make it easy to create sexy goldmanmorganwear

but its not to create dwarf-type characters or detailed elder nobles like morgan ...

but the cutscenes are ofc all fluff and not the priority ... (maybe when i get to @tyr the animation ... when i grow up and i'm 150 years old)
so so, and then ... and thus (and on and on)

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