stuff and screeners ... Luke, i am not your salesforce

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the less info the better ? if i look at all major studios its really what they do




far and wide :

  1. radio silence until march 1st, which seems to be april 1st by governmental decree since not enough constants and all variables are hidden in the fog
  2. you might think so but coming from "ill do some interactive post series using bash and php" over lets do phaser to "firefox wont let me do so lets write a client to interpret strings from php" its been a while - just me , myself, and i , all of janes underground, at 20 interrupts per second to every thought i have, stuck in this place, im starting to feel all people who call themselves "dev" are actually autists in disguise who cant even walk one foot outside the structures they learned at school 40 years ago, a bit like politics today and ... not talking was exactly what i need so this is way too much - i havent gotten to "custom server" yet since i dont know if i can fit writing a gateway on a special compilation of archlinux running a continuum into this lifetime anymore , the game "as is" would already be released by 2150 in early access pre-zeta stage (for the first zones)

these people have a nice take on development speed as well btw

and ...

"the world" is a lot more important to me and "the game" would be a side-effect of that (not your world, MY world i wanna create where i am god, as if my name was myazaki ? no vance and zelazny ... holding candles high)

i can think of two people who would have been a great help in doing so, sitting round a table for long nights debating why this guy does what


ICE-t was right about "shit" ...

and im sure they're either dead or have moved on, and in any case, the arrow of time wont let you - you should know that after a year - even if it ever passes, that normal you remember wasnt even there and what was there wont come back

you're fucked :)

im not sure about processing scanlines

i know i cant rely on the response time of a server

so its basically fucked anyway , the original idea was "crypto-wallet" and i stuck with that since its kinda great against brainrot to do that stuff in compiled dark basic, writing my own little client making http requests and the webserver giving back strings which the client can process like i'm mini-Moz and the Html'ettes only its not html but i think its how most thing that get stuff from servers work, only blizzard probably doesnt use php apache and

never mind ...

im gonna stick to screenshots from next week for a while

hmmm, yea but explaining the whole thing about timelines and a living world that moves while you are offline

why dont play ARK or something ?

thats a good start - but dont focus on the graphics

its unexplainable

and its gonna be way too hard to play

and released by 2150

so dont wait up for it

the screenshots might as well say "rpg maker wont read my data so ill have to come up with my own"

we'd like to thank the three people who are getting a dollar on patreon from janes onderground :

richard davey (phaser), bjorn Tiled and the guy from cc0 textures

your shit is awesome !!! i wish i had more money to support (and pay people to do all that shit i cant and am slower at ...)

but i dont

please keep in mind : i still have a dvd with an original version of Zork on it, i am a hazard to no-coding and brainwashed triffids

so i need to stay out of sight

moving bits .. ( i have the most awesome screenrecorder btw )
there are no moving bits this week

the voter works fine, but its not yet sorting out explicitly who is more dedicated although by the system as-was those should get more anyway

for the marketing department :

"if you click here you can double your bitcoin, its a new and patented process"

dozo - read before you flag me for vissen plz

so there's the screenshot thing thats proof-of-work (i assume no one ever looks at those) and i have a new thing working on on a 1 in 20 basis (i have more weird habits than a pro sports player when it comes to what socks i wear tonight im afraid)
for now i call "the lore section" where i'll keep proper(ish) renders which can be viewed by anyone visiting but actually the section is meant to be part of the game for AFK ... or should i say away-from-home use where you can check the lore with nice pics and shiney , BUT depending on what your actual character has already learned about the world - the ultimate intention that it would hold clues

its not meants for kids and its not meant for easy - its not meant for mobile either since even if i could probably compile for android i dont think going crAppstore is something poor people do - compiling linux executables however costs nothing to distribute if you put up torrents - its a poor mans world after all and im certainly not blessed with the best paint BUT
not complaining since i dont want anyone's money cranking my style so its either my money or my money. I should have had by now but i dont so it wont and thus this

(and that)

click the little book icon (all wip - ... ) (1).gif

then select an entry to the left - (2).gif

you get an animation and it will show you a render of an in-game item/concept/zone/npc/something with the name - for visitors the intention is to have full 4k renders possible for viewing, actual players will get a whole wad of text (with hopefully clues and #stuff) - again : NOT MADE FOR MOBILE : the game client wont run on a phone anyway and even if i compiled it for android i dont see how i that would work on a 5 inch screen

i KNOW sid meyers brainchild has made it to mobile but do try to keep in mind that THIS GUY HERE (me) was playing Civ when he was 14 ... so it took even god a while to get to the point where it was acceptible

Project codename : dont wait up for it

unless someone has my 100 million ? guess not :)

then i'll just be me - an other wise thats the whole thing - i still would just be me or it wont work, nothing to do about it - if i win the lottery i'll start with the job applications : moving to mongolia is not required but ofcourse wouldnt get in the way once that happens ...

(lose the character it says , i think it just crashed my pc since it didnt like what i was saying)

SO ... will you download a 45 gb app like call of duty-pc to your smartphone ?

well theres your answer

yea i know : and i KEEP saying : i cant be the one to do the talking and they keep going

BUT YOU HAVE TO ! THAT IS HOW ITS DONE ! and so you get flappy bird ... and salespitch for brain as a product for a work

not my problem xept the money

i dont keep these indefinitely , just like the screenshots, except the ones i wanna keep that is ... most vids are deleted after two weeks

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the *info* section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots .
*Brigitte Bardot*

ah yea , recap , euhm

domainnames : €65 : paid , funded : 0%

hosting 2021 - 2022 : €80 : not paid , funded : 0%

software cost : ... mostly free , phaser, blender linux gimp, a few though : AGK : paid, funded : 0% , would like agk visual and some bits like spriter pro : €100-€150 : funder : 0%

rtx card for not waiting 12 hours to render+bake on stuff and maybe being able to continue work on my lastbille model which has been stale since it's just too much for the pc to handle (in the editor - ...) : cost : €809 , paid ? they're not available here lol i have no clue who is all those testers online since i havent seen one up close or even heard about anyone having one

mainboard + ryzen + 32gb ram : cost : $600-700 and $150-160 on newegg (not available in E.U. ): funded :0%

startup actual company : cost : 10.000 - 50.000 (before making a cent and without gear or location or like anything but paperwork and state stamped approval) , funded : 0 %

realistic amount for production : 100 million euros , funded : 0%

and then some ... like business lunches and cocaine for the third-party collabs and sex-parties

employees : if i take people with no degrees like myself then perhaps living in my basement an overhead of 12000-15000 yearly pro captia and euhm , yea well

and so


project "dont wait up for it" has had its name confirmed

please donate 100 million euros and your asian supermodels to 1-888-aid-tyrnannoght-the-dark-one

"You are a deviant from the social norm!"
"Is that an insult or a diagnosis?"
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Thanks for the SBI @tyrnannoght all is appreciated and helps me out, when I can I will see if I can send some your way, also keep up the good work with the development.

thats okay, and thanks too, i've been checking the top voters a bit ...

its not competing

it doesnt even know you're there, its too busy trying to survive to take notice of the size of your daddy's moneys head