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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

Another seven days of life gone by with not an inch advanced from here to there or anywhere ...

diary of a hobbyist amateur

should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

  • saturday morning, 6am .. im starting to think it might be "more productive" if i don't sit staring and don't consider it quitting for today ... on the other hand the randomness seems to haunt me but making it more likely to appear closer to a loot chest might be an option although for zone zero ... hollow souls shouldn't be thinking to hard on where they're lurking ?
  • graphic for the sprung trap needs brighter, my eyesight aint 20/20 but at 64px its barely visible ...
  • item 3 ... right ... animation plays for item 2 , i was convinced it didn't just earlier, its probably time to go horizontal, there's more night tonight ... unless the jack of shadows finds the anti-key Kolwynia and the earth stops turning ... in which case i can move to the perma-night side ... always stays positive , gud ..

  • mainly running through the levels everything looks fine looking for the new animation to trigger ...
  • mkay so far so good ... not bothering with rendering a graphic , next ? moving souls or exit ... perhaps exit first, at least the 9th scene to load with something on it on exit
  • got this far omg ... now i wonder should i use a sep actual webpage to avoid too many script tags b/c by the end that's gonna be hella lot of phaser scenes
  • made it out of limbo YAY, scene loads, i seem to remember some of the structure of the whole thing, GOOD ! i am not totally demented yet

  • o dear ... several days later , totally forgot , 20% of half the country (assuming 100% voter turnup) has openly declared ultra-nationalism ... not that that wasnt visible coming from a lightyear away, but i think they don't really see the streets from in their high towers in brussels ... o well ... not much change i think, and i never liked it here anyway ... but well
    -updates ? yea lots actually i succeeded in a day or two of almost focus ... especially today, if i could manage that every single day again, id be somewhere, and that somewhere wouldn't be here...
    -i think barring the intermed between limbo and wup ... the moving hollow souls and .. euhm .. o yea ... checking at the START wether you have items from previous runs (ethereal ones) should let me 'move on' to the washed up beach .. which will be ... something completely different i guess , plus a LOT bigger so that's gonna take ... some ... time
  • fluff can be added at anytime and i just do some gfx as needed for now, the nice thing with blender being that every scene, prop, model and object is ready for future use afterwards ... ofcourse, precious
  • a bit like most of the functions used in script zero ... combined server / client i think about 1200 or 1300 lines with not too many remarks in it ... im gonna end the 100s of k-locks lol ... like the good old days .. "ZORK ... with a vengeance ..."
  • and then ... time and time again, its good thing i test it by doing runs time and time again, after so many times it turns out checking for "0" and "obol" can overlap without an extra = to it ... tcheeeze ... but that should solve the mysteriously triggered function ... i hope :p
  • and sillyputty ... like ... msg typo msgh, slipped a finger ... as $msg = / $msgh = ofcourse does not throw any errors it doesn't really show until a specific situation arises either ... #stuff ... like that ... o m g ...
  • half past seven ... probably not a bad time to catch some sleep ... how nice to focus, but im sure 'it' will try again when i wake up and the damage done yesterday to my braincells is gone ...

  • hm, still no pogroms ... looks like they'll wait until it's settled .... oh well
  •      "tilecount":15, ... not 12, modify a map, get an obscure error that's not on google ... figure it out yourself ... the good life ... the fun bit in part being it works on the first but not on thereafter and then you get to guess where in your 1300 lines the error goes, and then it turns out to be a number in a json file ... GOOD STUFF, precious ... indeed
  • right, fluff and layout aside this is the first run through limbo that ends me with actual items written to inventory, i guess that counts as progress ...
  • yagh ... let test = playercharacter['inv'].reduce((test, val) => test.set(val, 1 + (test.get(val) || 0)), new Map()); ... im gonna need to study that one, first time i hear about "maps" ... probably not but never paid attention, oneliners = pretty since perl however and it does exactly what i want and it works too ... and afaik it can't hurt the actual data since that won't change on the server ... i'll need to do some more full test runs, thought there would have been something like count() .. maybe there is, there is just Sooooo much .... in essence items in inventory from previous runs applicable to limbo will now be displayed on start of a run (e.g. after dying ...) or *should ... when i grow up like this i'll probably be a pro-beetle hunter
  • m hmmm ... i might have said before but i don't want something just casual and easy, i can do that on the side sometime , and probably will , i feel the first levels will be hell and death, with limited lives until a certain foothold , characterlevels that is, starting out with nothing but some pocket money in a wasteland ? mmh ... my kind of game ... (not my kind of life, my kind of game haha lol snookkums !) but ... i'll see that when i get there, i just got out of limbo without errors today ... if it gets a certain playerbase in numbers i suppose that will make items that have to do with extra lives or extra chances worth a lot in trade ... but that's a conditional branch like epic size there, if playercount > x and stuff ... see that when i get there
  • hm ... the "sprung"-frame for one of the traps is visible but im not quite happy with the way it looks ... steer the course, don't get caught up in fluff before function !!!

  • right .... up way too early, 12 hours in a row is a long streak for me and if too much i end up with a few hours of mist on both sides ... barring opinion by young, strong, real men, this is how it is until fixed (if ever) ... SO ... read / write inventory at end and restart ... onto guardians, obol, first menu interaction and nmoving enemies for limbo (yes, still for limbo) ... i noticed , because i happened to have to boot into windows (govt services ... no linux support ...) about four or five times before i could actually log in to their site that either edge or explorer simply doesn't even render the first phaser scene (= lol) ... and on my phone, which for some reason i checked the login system doesn't do the check to see if its a morgan account ( = the login BUTTON never activates = lol) but that's not a priority ... playstation exclusive ? i don't know, what browser does a ps4 use ?
  • hmmmm, quite sure i fixed that ... another = missing in the == ... i did connect last night to update cache ... that time again ?
  • there seems to be a lot of pressure tonight ... i can barely think
  • right, animation in place ... menu - options, tssk ... i feel like they shoved a turingkiller suppository up my -cant use that language anymore they tell me - (something about selling and all that)




so much this and that between this and this, looking for arguments to pass on listeners IN PHASER 3 .. i think i gained some xp ... despite whatever it is again today which i just simply try to ignore or i get nothing done ... some xp in phaser 3, not quite an extra level yet ,i think i'm level one in PhaseringThreeing at the moment - i dont walk the walk, i dont talk the talk, the first this is actually the button (is that an object?) and the val would be .. aproperty? i set which is passed WITH the button TO the function BUT once in the function 'this' is no longer the current scene but the BUTTON, so in that case i have go by this(button).(belongingtothis)scene.(thathasthis)function(send this(button).val set as property) ... but i really don't talk the talk , whatever is a method or a child or if that's the same I DONT KNOW ... it doesn't really matter to me either , what i DO know is that THIS is gonna come in handy for about .. the whole rest of the game

  • as a bonus backpat the function which is about the first inthere for the game handling input works ... wether it gets keypresses or any signals , which is GUUUUUUUD !!!! gud gud (and this is where "they" come DOWN like DOWN, BOY ! stayinyourplacepeasant YOURETOOOLD, youretoopoor, you dont

  • talk the talk and you dont walk the walk ... what's the measure unit for perseverance and creation ? (and this is where they go DIKKENNNEK ... and stuff)

  • they ... THEM !!!! maybe YOU ? you see, i'm not allowed to pat myself on the back because it makes some others on the planet feel bad sometimes ... thats definitely YOUR world ... added bonus : mousedownbutton can handle any key in the game to come now i suppose ... didnt even think of that til now, things can look so simple ... once you got that far

  • yeah ... but it's me, so ... that's what it is ... i think i might have found a new hobby called "in need of sound effects ..." filming my cat on the nightly catwalk i found the creaking sound of my old shoes on the rubble giving off a nice footsteps effect so there i go, bent over with my phone at my shoes recording at 2 am ... (<-weird?)

  • and the game just gave me an excellent random idea ... to be implemented while i'm here (me ... inside)

  • ofcourse, instead of messing in the middle bounce around the room a little and it clears ...

  • and then it dawns that it didn't unless i remove one and set it in a set place

  • wait it says ... and also ..#stuff, all these nights trying to get one night after another while being interrupted constantly and i still don't see it right away : if(($key = array_search(1, $player['inventory']))){unset($player['inventory'][$key]);} ... it's very nice, and short, however ... the index is zero, which makes $key ZERO hence not true .. i think that must be why it doesn't do it ... on top of that, ... unsetting index zero turns the returned JSON inventory part into an object, not an array HENCE dotreduce gives system errors ... go figure that out from scratch , precious ... it doesnt really say anything but "reduce is not a function, lol" ...
  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (sigh ...) how long til money and out of here with my cat ?
  • mhm ... splice ... m hm ...
  • is it post time yet , i can't really up too many videos at this point because "gameplay" ... a bit stupid to show what goes where up front ... is stupid still a goodspeak word ? i should probably use something softer, right ? tschh, like what ? "understandably-challenged" or something ? brain-queer ? ... hm ?? ridiculous ...

tsjah ... rendering one of those goldmanmorgan of ole'spicey facial expressions using cycles cantake up to 40 minutes for a 1080x1080 still ... its not just something to do while sleeping either although for more complex scenes or animations i'll probably have to

render while sleeping

in chunks lol


I still feel like i'm just scratching the surface , seven days of life further that will not come back under every page i peek i find another 20 questions heh ..

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