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Yes i know, but it will be there when it's there


should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

should i ?
this article is free to link to for whatever reason

  • saturday morning ... 4:15 am ... i think its gonna close early today i'm a bit beat (but not -en) ... got to use tweens and groups for the first time ... tweens would be fluff category i suppose, groups might be more useful, i guess i'll get a lot more of that working for #stuff on "the other" #thing :p
  • so, morgan , charon, pickups, write and read on re-start and end ... gameover doesnt break anything anymore, leaves ...
  • guardians and moving enemies - barring new aha-erlebnisseses popping up during the organic design (heh) i think after that that leaves nothing but more fluff for limbo (and extended maps ofcourse, ideally a generator that takes into account stuff like always being able to pass from one side to another (and #stuff) ... but ... lets just go for what works first, i havent learned this much in the past 10 years i think

  • yagh, well ... "this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /var/www/.../.../....php on line 516, referer:"
  • they seem to be getting ahead of themselves ahha lol ... pff its HOOOOT and its not even summer yet ... dang i hate summer

  • lots of garden today ...i'm surprised i'm not itching my skin off, that should set my vitamin-d right for a few days, i wrote stuff down last morning but i can't read what i wrote lol ... TODO :! uhmm, that's me then, i can read the last bits but i seem to already have done those and there's another thing im not sure about, see, that's what i get if i don't get my old-man nap in the middle
  • after that it's just moving enemies in limbo, more routines for later to be used and then on to the washed-up beach, but i think i want to do some core stuff to do with the database and interconnection with @goldmanmorgan on steemit accounts before that, and maybe put something preliminary that allows items to be put up "for sale" in some table, an option to do transactions without confirmation codes on @gmdatacenter AT YOUR OWN RISK and ... improve the playerpage
  • THEN .. (heh) on to the washed up beach, of which i have no idea how im gonna do the partially procedurally generated terrain (the idea being a sandy area with dunes does not have the same topography but landmarks (ole spiceys shack will always be at the same coordinate ... ) , so, once there i think i'll try to add one fluff to limbo a week until happy and stick to tinkering on the first actual playzone, yea
  • that's WAAY more of a plan than i like to have - too many things i can't foresee already possible by then, for the love of life i can't read it, it says something like "--> dtamincomp ->whygamestobe" ... ??!? i guess i'll just do a few more runs, i got some nice functions now that could make it readable, next thing you now 20 years from now i have a sub-programming language for creating adventure/worlds in php connected to steem (hahalol, dreams) like if(hasitem($x)){if(skillcheck($skill){shootlightningboltfromarse($player) (and then a lot of errors on why brackets should or shouldnt be there i guess ...
  • gud, typing this is not typing there ... let's
  • hm, if this is gonna work then that went fast, barring the few dotcommas already missed and the extra bracket forgotten
  • these posts are gonna get smaller and smaller as i wanna disclose less and less, until the first playable zone is up and running, me thinks
  • spent half the night defending from gnomes from about 3am so i dont really know what im doing ... this is still hell
  • ofcourse [Mon Jun 03 05:51:40.812032 2019] [php7:emerg] [pid 12695] [client] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting '(' in /
  • if i left the house and didnt know any better id think someone spiked my coffee with cocaine or something ... yea, well, told you its disturbing to read these until the game goes live .. after which from a political point of view im already unable to be elected but i dont really mind, see, i wasn't allowed to vote until this year and i didnt ask for it, but for some reason the ultra-nationalists won (i spent ten years in the youth movement, i KNOW what i'm talking about usually, other than the numbers as ive been here and there ...) but i betcha fiver i'm still not allowed to enter politics
    AS IF ID FUCKING WANNA IN A SHITHOLE LIKE THIS (or anywhere for that matter ... business is one thing i can handle with serious people who prefer no nonsense over mating dance, politics however ... that's all mating dance and a side of scam) ... they kicked me out when i was 17, precious, where do you think i got my love for all things authority, especially for authority for the sake of authority? - but like religion, i take the best of what i think reasonable, logical, acceptable, understandable and mash it up like those beats i did 20 years ago into something that syncs with my head, whatevers left of that, good thing i mashed those things up long ago and the world doesnt change much, yea i think i would have made a great demagogue, alas ... I AM THE CAT - to cure a weakling child .. take away that sissy stuff , computers, put him in the military LOL ... see what happens, some brains are hardwired to question, in that case, there be issues, no .. they're not "bad" people ... barring the ones who wronged me for no good reason because sociopaths exist everywhere, there no more misguided than extreme lefties ... same thing from where i stand, which is not in the center .. when have you ever seen a cat in the center unless it's caged or chained ?
  • hmm, to still see missing === for = or more likely a c/p === at 7am while having missed it all night ? it can only mean my head is quiet - not good, really

  • aah, the updateslog, yes - added player anim - adding frozensouls , can't say too much, anyone who plays just will have to see ... i wonder what i'm gonna put in the weekly post if not whatever or maybe something
  • good thing some errors still show , 'nz' ! 'z' , a weird typo ...
  • m hm , javascript strings = [0] = first char etc, right , gud, thats saves umpteen bytes of datatransmission vs json_encode/decode ... mmhhh ... but ... OH ! or use printf for formatted ... should be possible, i still think less bytes over the network will in general make it run faster if the load qua numbers of players is higher, assuming i ever get more than one = me , in thousands of calls i often feel str.split() locally is preferrable over jsonencode, saves xx bytes times thousand in case of thousand calls (thats xx MEGAbytes so to speak, yes precious, that should ... i think :p)
  • hummm, without talking out of bed on the game (very un-gentlemanlike) if i transmit a set of coordinates all under 10 i get a string xyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxy... per set so to spreak but json encoded = [[1,3],[7,1],[3,1],[1,6],[7,3],[5,5],[8,6],[7,5],[5,1]] = 18 characters vs 56, that's 3+ times the data for just one set passed per call per page ... am i being weird again ? cus im the only one who needs to read this in this case ... is funny (somehow) i actually expected an error testing something first (i dont like doing 100 lines between checks as its what i came to call organic design lol and after 100 lines that often tends to be a LOT of dotcommas and brackets in the log, which gets harder to weed out the more there are ... <- me-logic from the not-school department in chaotic organic design) and it DIDNT because var[0] and var[1] were perfectly in string ="ab" as [0]="a" in that case, the wonderful world of javascript, right? To think what kind of a nerd i would have been if anyone gave me some support when i was digging into that little commodore basic book when i was nine ? I refuse to waste time on that as that doesn't change anything :)
  • whipping up some shiney phaser clicks doesn't nearly as much time but this server <-> client checks is like working on two screens or something because IT HAS TO SYNC (anti-cheat) - so now it's a client side extra that doesnt really matter as the only cheat there could be to set "game over" state which i dont think is much of a cheat at all (might be shortcut in some cases but well...) and i havent had the pleasure of pushing client to server (now THAT sounds weird i guess) events ... so yup, still on limbo ...
  • yegh ... transmission speed is the bottleneck ... even my 90 euro Xiami phone can handle phaser games (the simple one i wrote so far) just as well in FF as it does on winDOS or loonix but even the minimal assets used actually show the loader bar loading them, as far as i can fathom even the mighty quantum computer will be limited by transmission speed so ... here we go Kurzweil-style :p "i think the supreme packing algorithm will be a big thing in the near to somewhere future" ... if i were an actual engineer with a team to whip around i'd be on it already
  • 5:15 am already tsch, tonight was SO quiet ... gudgud - brain works better when not under gnome-attack (yes ofcourse i'm crazy, how could i not be after all that, but i'm not nearly as weird as normal people and their routines imo) ... what a time of day to get the elusive "t is undefined" error ... , t is undefined ... somewhere in the phaser code t is undefined - all went well, im probably doing something the wrong way trying to get an array of sprites o well if not now i'll figure it out tonight, that should finish limbo for now (when that is fixed)
  • argh ... this.group is very nice and works BUT ... putting the motion on it gives the same error so whatever i did before probably wasn't wrong either ... 6am, i think i should stick to a minimum timetable if i am to do two shifts ... what a shame this is flanders and i can't get paid PROPERLY for doing that ... (want dat is niet weirken voor een baas ...)
  • pfff , 6:30, i really need to or im gonna waste the daylight AFTERNOON PRECIOUS ... what a fucking waste, the money i would have made, maar dat was niet masjen voor een baas DONT SAY THAT,

  • XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
  • one night and a few hours later : i'm gonna bitchslap myself : t. is not defined ... i got the point where t.body is not defined after checking the console on sprites in group all having "body" property as 'null' (dont ask me why but im sure that was that) ... but "t." ? SO ... as it turns out on all the server-client interaction checks, the maplevel gets sent back before the scene restarts, which means "something somewhere" is not defined yet but the trigger is there ... turn one zero into one one there ... they're all chasing me now ... i guess that counts as +5xp for me ... hmm, i'm not sure that's hackable intel , the whole point is that the server keeps the numbers so i doubt so far anything can be forced by memory residents barring a gameover, add whatever you want to inventory the server won't count it - im gonna cram this bit in my head because limbo is a teenie weenie itsy bitse 9x 10x10 zone ... but i guess logic will apply across the board. Thing there is you'd expect physics.moveToObject to stay that way but it actually just takes the coordinates on create() unless you put one in update() .. i guess that wasnt meant to do how its done or something
  • but whatever that took, i now got me a working zombieroutine in minimal lines, but without using groups, maybe i should, or maybe i should just leave it ... it works lol - and that group thing still had t.body error - i'm inclined to try though, what's the rush after all at 10 cents a post ? I'm starting to think i'll be in a retirement home by the time i get to scenes with BabylonJS (that's 3D fremwerkz <--> phaser = 2d)
  • now what to do with it ... (lol) ... looks like more than a few hollow souls (am i violating miyazaki territory by using those words combined ? if so then it's in honour of -san ... -sama, maybe ...) are kinda hard to evade on a 10x10 map, that can't be instagib but YAY ! zombieroutine ! (lol i'm almost at pacman level now ..if it werent for the serverthing im sure clientside only games would go a lot faster)
  • naww ... that's already in it , precious, ... gameover all you want, pickups arent registered until you finish the zone, limbo has to be done in one streak, shouldnt take more than 30 minutes, no farming guardian spirits or obol by suicide, gotta be rare items that, although i already assume there will always be ways, like having 20 accounts or something but actually that means 20 people voting lol ... and i still have the concept of eco-system there (but not filled in how) so resources are limited anyway, the only thing there would be players trading the items and dumping the value as they become less rare (well, they said "think big", right?)
  • mmh .. i think i better prepare the morgan post - take five before the numbers start dancing - ecosystem represents resources (from as far as i thought about it that has nothing to do with coin in player accounts, say you have a pile of gold to sit on but the zone ran dry (hopefully not) it would all come down to playertrading as it means the available resources are in divided over player accounts, which should possibly increase the item prices on auction lol, i think im saying WAY too much, because i have almost nil program and i'd hate to create accidental hype over something thats not there yet.
  • ? i suppose that's 'open' ... if one player can transfer an item to another nothing stops anyone from making an out-of-game deal sending steem or sbd or for all i care dollar to their bank accounts but i'm way not at that point
  • heh ... too old hm ... i'm probably too old for a few things, and i'll forever carry hate for that towards this place but not too old for this by far, CLEARLY ... is Buffett too old to make money just cos he likes it ? I met the guy last year from where we used to hold our "computerclub" when i was 14 or 15 ... back when sharing was getting together in an attic full of chips and wires, way before 16 years ago seems to have turned me into a lifetime of 2 years equals 46, playing wonderboy for highscore for beer and sausage ? He was still happily python-ing and soldering raspberries , didn't seem to bother him that he's good in his sixties ... If nothing else, "the game" gets me down with new stuff like phaser, stuff that wasn't imaginable lol , even if no one ever plays it i'm still gonna do it ... but not exclusive to, indeed
  • im talking too much, when i start talking too much i inevitable slam closed so i better stop - that social guy is gone, guys, he's not coming back but for whatever killed the communication and social skills it seems i still got a small bit of a knack for the rythms and algo's, even if i get interrupted uphere 60 times a second i still got this far , its pretty nifty if i may say so myself, all the ajax and the phaser ... you know if you send a request and you don't take precautions it just won't wait for the rest of the code ? Never had that ... although i still take a lot more hat off for people doing interrupt demos on a c64 heh
  • yup, talking too much = also wasting time

  • yea, but its already late so there's nothing to waste anymore, barring a miracle my life is fucked, its kinna hard to give a flying one about people trying to push it but angry like that
  • slow today, getting those hitboxes in shape by hand mostly, started on audio for the triggerhappy game so i guess i'll put in some on tyr now too, ive been trying to record my footsteps with my phone lol, but havent listened yet

  • hmm, totally forgot this again ... quite busy lately, i kinda like it, now just simply to get the crud off my back but that's a year of poverty++
  • i think i'm nearly done with limbo (the proto that is without much fluff or audiovisuals added-) ... as far as i can see most beetles are out, but for some reason some of those nastry critters can hide for weeks without being spotted, so ... onto out of limbo, i think thats some core sql stuff now that's been waiting, and some mods to the @goldmanmorgan offline shell scripts (transactions from the site returned a.o. - turnbased daily so that's not gonna be hard, but maybe its gonna be a lot lol ... i'm still used to thinking in flatfiles as i never tried anything that's supposed to scale and work up to 100 or 1000 users if need be or more) - think big, they said ... i'm partial to ... i been thinking of maybe since the W.U.B. will be totally different and start with the UI of 'splitting' the game into two fields, one phaser and the other AGK or babylonJS so maybe i can display 3D models on the side (=lol) but its so weird how i see games like tekken and dark souls or (o yea baby!) Alice Madness Returns (heavy on the physics engine) bopping around happily while this phaser thing in a browser seems to take up 60% or more cpu ... it's hard to fathom why so maybe two instances at once might be too much since 120% cpu usage seems to be physically impossible :) - i'll just get on with the text input and sql stuff first maybe heh
  • tschiiiiii ... tis freitag, ja, dan moet ik gaan starten met geld van te gaan werken voor een baas VOOR NIETS voor skillbuilders voor de zakken van van mol en de pesjoenkas van de regeering ! u gelooft nog in sprookjes ook zeker?
  • as always, ... think i'm almost done, then ofcourse ... phaser has no built-in text input ... the easy way out is html ofcourse BUT ... that's the easy way out, that's not how we get to the moon, right :p ... 8 coin types = 8 boxes = 8 inputs = 8 detectors = lol and also somewhat lmao, okay, we're not out of limbo yet ... iissss s... does that thing stop auto if it gets out of focus or i switch desktops ? that would be good actually, ...
  • why is there always more time when there's nothing to do ? cat is acting really strange and the weathergods seem to be displeased ... i think i saw a buxus moth, let's hope it's not a spotted one or we're in for another plague, dear o dear ..
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