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uh forgot the vidz : added

the less info the better ? if i look at all major studios its really what they do



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oh dear ... cloudflare invaled SSL certificate ... INVALID SSL ? Justin, ... my man , did you forget to pay the bill again ? tskk -

gateway timeout for steemit wallet

anyone ever give it an idea where your steem goes if they decide to quit ?


i just try not to think about it

right - try again in a few minutes then


ofcourse, if someone has me a 100 million i could go faster, i called Elon "the chosen one "Musk" and said "YO! je moeder!" and he said, sure if you fix carbon emissions for your homework and im like "dud" ...

the one thing in the universe that's not your sisters panties ... tsch ...

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proof-of-yay ! (no bastionicharacters were harmed and those who were are buried in the foundations, there will be no complaints)

Screenshot from 2021-01-24 13-12-54.png

moving bits (yea it could use some formatting, like my head, but when i do that they say i lose all data in it and then they wont want me anymore since i wont be me, just a single person in one head - its not possible to be the all-me like that, mathematically and psychologicallly speaking)

(not necessarily in order of appearence , if you would actually see, read and watch the upload times it will show that its only done in the dark of night - the stuff that needs a braincell or more wont work by day, many have tried, all have failed, it just wont work :) ... hi school is long over and much has happened)

... and some - if a were an AAA studio its very likely my marketing harem would prevent me from posting this much about it as those people are always scurrd someone will steal their idea instead of they themselves to others as the bible says (and they're probably right)

but this pays like half of the hosting cost for my hobby over the course of a year ,

and so ...

bigger fish to fry, belgium had 5% of its pop infected long ago - its like "next to the U.K." a miracle its not round 3 in full effect yet, despite that : numbers have been steadily dropping while at the same time new pockets have been steadily exploding outward

someone somewhere is doing "dark math" i think but hell , i think im gonna evaluate in march, let them eat cake, and try to keep both the virus and politics out of my nose

(and your sisters panties ofcourse, watashi-wa akuma to hentai-desu after all)

mukashi mukashi

onanoko subarashi (or was that shoujo or a mix of both - its a really complicated continent to speak imo)

yea the screenshotter comes with the screenrecorder i suppose its must be the card (but it does run unity ide ..)

not really a screener shotter but a render of "just one building" which isnt nearly anywhere near finished but - as we slowly realized we will need to be 250 years old to finish this thing and are morally obliged to not do early access or ICO's im afraid we're screwed and it'l be hobby-peeverz

prevverz ? perv ers ?

hentai des, yes, i wondered if you happend to have the number of your sisters panties, i hear fudbook has all of them and they never ask zuck "ARE YOU STILL UNDER 18?"


biggest duh+/a-HA might have been "does life allow nesting gosubs after array out of bounds kept coming" - which is a good question and dependent but now i look at it it looks like not. I never considered that it might not push it on the stack or even only keep the last one but it seems to keep only the first one (being the heretic i am i dont shy away from using compiled basic, refuse objects and classes and use jmp statements as if this were assembly 1938 ... im gonna have to revise a few bits, luckily we're still under 5klocks there)


  • so i found out by now (time of posting, that thing was few days ago) that it DOES stack ... for some reason i also had been looking for an impossible bug b/c i was editing scripts in the wrong folder b/c i moved my "working directory" to another dimension in a galaxy far away after making backups (which i still mostly have to filter out)
    and so no matter what i did it kept giving the same bug that wasnt there , which also happened to not give errors or break the execution

which is like the best beetles ever (ofcourse)

moving bits .. ( i have the most awesome screenrecorder btw )

also : the quid-pro-quo voter works "as-is" but very crude and since someone pointed at the fact that sbi is still active i'll probably hand a few (to the top voters) quid pro quo and equilibrium seem fine under universal law here and a random one to one of the others, but im not gonna advertise that ... i once had a series where i put a mention of it in subscript, like 'only if you read here then you can guess the number to get the sbi share' and that took like under 30 seconds , but when i put a jpg with the txt instead no one ever claimed it

i been here since steem was $7 and the days when you were either on your knees for steemcleaners

or simply never got anything, i kinda figured out "what people want" and i'll never be lady haha or the CEO of rap when it comes to sales but just in case



STEEM is rising, BUY IN NOW ! and

"if you click here you can double your bitcoin, its a new and patented process"

dozo - read before you flag me for vissen plz

so there's the screenshot thing thats proof-of-work (i assume no one ever looks at those) and i have a new thing working on on a 1 in 20 basis (i have more weird habits than a pro sports player when it comes to what socks i wear tonight im afraid)
for now i call "the lore section" where i'll keep proper(ish) renders which can be viewed by anyone visiting but actually the section is meant to be part of the game for AFK ... or should i say away-from-home use where you can check the lore with nice pics and shiney , BUT depending on what your actual character has already learned about the world - the ultimate intention that it would hold clues

its not meants for kids and its not meant for easy - its not meant for mobile either since even if i could probably compile for android i dont think going crAppstore is something poor people do - compiling linux executables however costs nothing to distribute if you put up torrents - its a poor mans world after all and im certainly not blessed with the best paint BUT
not complaining since i dont want anyone's money cranking my style so its either my money or my money. I should have had by now but i dont so it wont and thus this

(and that)

click the little book icon (all wip - ... ) (1).gif

then select an entry to the left - (2).gif

you get an animation and it will show you a render of an in-game item/concept/zone/npc/something with the name - for visitors the intention is to have full 4k renders possible for viewing, actual players will get a whole wad of text (with hopefully clues and #stuff) - again : NOT MADE FOR MOBILE : the game client wont run on a phone anyway and even if i compiled it for android i dont see how i that would work on a 5 inch screen

i KNOW sid meyers brainchild has made it to mobile but do try to keep in mind that THIS GUY HERE (me) was playing Civ when he was 14 ... so it took even god a while to get to the point where it was acceptible

Project codename : dont wait up for it

unless someone has my 100 million ? guess not :)

then i'll just be me - an other wise thats the whole thing - i still would just be me or it wont work, nothing to do about it - if i win the lottery i'll start with the job applications : moving to mongolia is not required but ofcourse wouldnt get in the way once that happens ...

(lose the character it says , i think it just crashed my pc since it didnt like what i was saying)

SO ... will you download a 45 gb app like call of duty-pc to your smartphone ?

well theres your answer

yea i know : and i KEEP saying : i cant be the one to do the talking and they keep going

BUT YOU HAVE TO ! THAT IS HOW ITS DONE ! and so you get flappy bird ... and salespitch for brain as a product for a work

not my problem xept the money

i dont keep these indefinitely , just like the screenshots, except the ones i wanna keep that is ... most vids are deleted after two weeks

i keep the shots on the site, accessible in the *info* section

via here :

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 03-38-01.png

then here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-31.png

here, here,

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-49.png

and here

Screenshot from 2020-11-30 07-00-58.png

I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots .
*Brigitte Bardot*

ah yea , recap , euhm

domainnames : €65 : paid , funded : 0%

hosting 2021 - 2022 : €80 : not paid , funded : 0%

software cost : ... mostly free , phaser, blender linux gimp, a few though : AGK : paid, funded : 0% , would like agk visual and some bits like spriter pro : €100-€150 : funder : 0%

rtx card for not waiting 12 hours to render+bake on stuff and maybe being able to continue work on my lastbille model which has been stale since it's just too much for the pc to handle (in the editor - ...) : cost : €809 , paid ? they're not available here lol i have no clue who is all those testers online since i havent seen one up close or even heard about anyone having one

mainboard + ryzen + 32gb ram : cost : $600-700 and $150-160 on newegg (not available in E.U. ): funded :0%

startup actual company : cost : 10.000 - 50.000 (before making a cent and without gear or location or like anything but paperwork and state stamped approval) , funded : 0 %

realistic amount for production : 100 million euros , funded : 0%

and then some ... like business lunches and cocaine for the third-party collabs and sex-parties

employees : if i take people with no degrees like myself then perhaps living in my basement an overhead of 12000-15000 yearly pro captia and euhm , yea well

and so


project "dont wait up for it" has had its name confirmed

please donate 100 million euros and your asian supermodels to 1-888-aid-tyrnannoght-the-dark-one

"You are a deviant from the social norm!"
"Is that an insult or a diagnosis?"
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