Freestyle tweet beamed to steem - dmilliz's twitter Feed : 2019/03/21 23:41:24

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#Twitter hustle freestyle. And by using this hashtag 👉🏿 #share2steem this #freestyle is being crossed posted to #steem #blockchain and earning. Check for yourself on my #steemit blog. I will edit it on steem and add a thumbnail, that’s it!


On the drive to work I felt that freestyle vibe today, didn't plan it but just turned the camera on and started flowing. Listening to it now, this is actually pretty good ( Friday night after work, remember I recorded and posted it on the way to work). Check it out for yourself. It really is a steem twitter hustle freestyle.

VIDEO - Click on the Thumbnail to see the Freestyle from the tweet

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Oh yes! Got me so hyped! There’s a magical energy to freestyle that is so infectious to me! I have recorded some sketchy stuff on my phone but never posted anything yet! You have inspired me to make a video bro. Will tag you up when it happens!


Magical energy indeed bro, thanks for your comment, Yeah I am looking forward to your freestyle. The energy will expand to others and before you know it we will be freestying a lot more here:)


Yes @dmilliz that is so true, I bet there are hundreds of steemians that can spit fire but are a little bit too shy to post right away.

I saw the same thing over at steemskate, with the weekly skateboarding contest. There was usually about 4 or 5 entries each week, and I thought that was the majority of steemians who skate/ had interest in skating. I was so wrong! - This week we saw 20+ skateboarding posts!

Magical energy is my fav type of energy! I’m feeling it man. I will get something posted this weekend 100%

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Found yah 😬

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