#24hourcontest: A veterinarian discovers a dog that speaks English

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The subject is: A veterinarian discovers a dog that speaks English.

The secret of a dog

Tells the story that once, on a street, on a rainy day in England, a puppy was born. But not just any puppy, but a puppy named Champion.

He came to the world just like his other four brothers, who fed their mother the first days of life. They all had a speck on one of its four legs, a little brown spot that stained its caramel-colored fur. A brand that would unite them for life.

The third day of that moment, her mother was hit by a car, leaving all the dogs in the street. Two of them were welcomed by people who passed by and took them with them. But champion with his brother had to roam the cold streets without food for two days, then got a piece of sausage in the trash and with that they could half meet their needs.

As they were such cute puppies, a tramp took them and placed them in a box and sold them each for six tickets. Champion was bought by a businessman who wanted to experiment with him, tests he could not do on humans at the time ... Then he put him in his car and drove to his laboratories.

It was an excellent infrastructure, painted completely white and full of rodents in labyrinths, test tubes, computers, cameras and other artifacts.

After applying an injection, he took the champion to his office and surprised himself when he found his little daughter there. The girl full of euphoric screams the room to see the puppy. He took his father's arms and began to make love, many really.

Immediately her dad took it off and said it was not for her, which filled the eyes of the little girl with disappointment. The man put the puppy in a cage and turned off the lights, took his daughter by the hand and decided to go home.

When it was that night, Melody, the daughter of the businessman, slipped into the lab with the help of a friend and took the dog, he had seemed to hear asking for help but when he came and saw him, he thought it was a voice that he should have imagined. She was careful when she arrived at her house so that no one could see him, and she went straight to the garden, where she only went, since her mother also worked very hard day and night.

He dedicated himself to taking care of him, feeding her, bathing him, and doing all those things that you do when you have a puppy. His father thought that he had escaped and that he had lost a couple of bills, he did not give longer to the subject.

No doubt champion was a lucky puppy, Melody took him to the park daily, and walked with him. All the other children came to her asking her for such a beautiful pet that she had, and that she loved.

As she grew up Melody did it too. And although she could swear that her parents did not know anything, the truth is that they knew a lot. So much so that they even took him out to relieve themselves while she went to school. But after a couple of twists of the eye, they accepted it.

You could say that there was not a more impressive relationship between dog and girl in the world, but the truth is that the world is so big that there is another equal or greater.

However, one day after five years of being Melody with Champion, they were walking near her house. The neighbor had recently bought a dog that could easily eat a child how big it was. Then when the door was open the dog ran out, wanting to bite Melody, the girl ran, but champion was left there barking at the dog, they began to have a kind of dog fight. And finally the dog bit into one of the champion legs. Leaving him in the street bleeding, meanwhile the neighbor picked up his dog so that he was not involved.
Melody took her dog to the vet, he threw it on a stretcher and told the girl that she had little time to live, so she and the vet approached the dog while it was still tearing in its last moments.

Melody started to cry and listened when someone said in a rare English "I love you", dried his tears and looked at the vet who also looked at her quietly. Champion once again whispered "I love you" and the veterinarian began to babble how surprised he was calling everyone in the street, suddenly the dog closed his eyes and eventually died, but died just like the name he had placed, like a champion.

When the veterinarian returned with the nurse not very convinced and some people from the street, they only found Melody crying next to the corpse of her dog. The veterinarian burst out crying assuring that he was not crazy, but nobody paid attention to him and after a while he began to doubt having seen such a thing. But for Melody it was different, she knew it was true but that would die together with the champion.

So much was the love that he even made a funeral and said some very emotional words, which made his dad and mom cry even more.

It is possible that if that day, he had not been born a champion, then his mother would not have been run over by a car, and if it was not for that reason, he would not have been sold on the street, and if he had never been sold, he would never have known Melody, and if I had not met her, maybe she would never have someone who had defended her that day. And maybe this had not been the funeral of a puppy, if not a girl.
And if Melody's father had not applied that injection to Champion he might never be spoken to and without that "I love you" Melody would never have understood, that sometimes the best friends are not other people, but some animals, those that when you take them for a walk, they run around in circles; those who when they see you, run of the emotion to welcome you. Those who make you know friends because of how well they fall on others. And also to those who have to take a walk so they do not fill your house with their ... You know

This is not the story of a girl who had a dog, an English speaking dog. This is the story of a dog who had a family, and who got someone who would keep his secret forever.

Espero les guste,


If something is confusing, I have translated it from Spanish. I am sorry.

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