The Twenty-four Hour Short Story contest: A veterinarian discovers a dog that speaks English

Hello everyone, today I decided to participate for the first time in this contest #twentyfourhourshortstory, by @mctiller. The idea of ​​the contest is to create a fiction story about an assigned theme, this week's theme as highlighted in the title is about "A veterinarian discovers a dog that speaks English".Here is my writing, it has about 1699 words, plus I left the link to be encouraged to participate:

A veterinarian discovers a dog that speaks English.

Our story begins in a small town forgotten by the world, on a day like any other in the life of veterinarian Erick.

Erick looked pretty average to the rest, short hair and brown, white, and faithful lover of his work; in fact his work was practically his life, he loved animals and from childhood he saw them as a friend to all; during his career he attended animals such as cats, snakes, cows, dogs, and many others. He felt good about his life, but still felt that something was missing, that he had a monotonous and boring lifestyle.

One day, on the main road of the village, a pretty luxurious truck passed, until it was full of technology; driving was two men of not very good appearance; Inside the truck were many equipment, machines, and cages full of different animals, especially dogs. They went through several potholes, in one of those jumps the cages fell and because of the destiny one of the cages opened up releasing a dog, this one was possessed of a great intelligence as soon as it came out of the cage I look for the way to escape, Succeeding in your plan.

Those who were driving noticed that the back door was open and a cage empty, they stopped immediately, and watched the dog move away at full speed; They both looked at each other's faces and asked, "What are we going to do? The boss is going to kill us!; One came up with an idea, let's say that the dog died, it stunk and we had to leave it on the way, the other responded let's keep moving forward.

Both of hem continued their way, very far was the dog running to what seemed like a free life, and suddenly when crossing the street a car or he ran over the dog, it was a strong blow, there was a lot of blood, and many people who observed the terrible accident. Immediately the cause of the accident charged the dog as he could put him in the car and drove to the only veterinary clinic that was on the site, of which the in charge was Erick.

The cause of the accident came at full speed to the clinic with the dog in his arms, and asking for help; Immediately the receptionist, realizing the situation and seeing all the blood and the desperate man, took him to a stretcher and went immediately to warn Dr. Erick of the serious situation. The dog looked serious, Erick made the first revisions, looking for signs of life, and detecting its severity, stopping the bleeding, sending X-rays quickly; He noticed that in addition to the hemorrhages and wounds, the dog had broken a Paw, so he ordered to prepare the operating room.

The paw of the dog was intervened quickly, when leaving the operating room Erick, he ordered the receptionist to look for the owner of the dog, she went to the room and the man who brought the dog was not there, he had left; the doctor informed the news, and this one thought "And now that I will do with you my friend, I already have many dogs at home, maybe another does not hurt".

A few days later, the doctor took the dog home and placed it on pillows. He noticed that he was not very sociable with his other dogs, but he thought it was because he felt tired, he went to bathe; As I was about to leave the bathroom I listen as if someone was talking, I left the bathroom, I check the house but there was nobody, he thought I'll be going crazy, I'll be very tired, and I'm imagining things. He lay down to sleep, the next morning he noticed something strange his dogs were not scratching the door trying to wake him up so that he gave them food, he left the room, he heard again the voice of the previous day. And he began to walk slowly where the voice came from, but in that room there was only the dog that he had brought with the rest, he observed hidden behind a wall and could see that the animal when opening its mouth emitted a voice was speaking as any English man. The man after the scare and the astonished, he thought he was crazy, even worse so he slammed into the room and said to the dog I hear you speak, speak English, like a person, I'm not imagining things"

The dog looked at him with tenderness, as if he did not understand anything, and only limited himself to barking; the doctor was sure of what he had heard, but he could not do anything to prove it, he went to the bathroom, took a shower, went to his room and hid a few small cameras in the rooms of the house. Telling yourself, I know what I heard and I'm going to catch you. He left, but before that, he approached the dog and said I know you can talk, you do not have to fear, talk... I'll discover you sooner or later".

He went to his work, meanwhile the dog to notice when noticing that he was leaving, with the help of the wheel that had been placed, could move around the house despite his leg was still in recuperation, on the computer the house, and started looking for information about an animal institution; This institution was the place where those terrible men took him in the truck, trying to find a direction. Suddenly the door opened, the doctor came back looking for an instrument that had stuck and caught the dog using the computer.

Already the dog could not hide his talents, he had been caught, it seemed that Erick was a good man, his animal instinct told him, and he decided to speak, saying to the doctor: "You're right, I can talk, you're not crazy, I can talk, I need your help". Erick fainted from the impression. the dog began to lick his face, so Erick reacted. I was barely conscious, I ask the dog how can you talk? Why do you speak? Are you English? Because that accent? Without even believing that he was talking to a dog. The dog answered all his questions, explaining that it was the product of animal experiments, since he had tested in him and in his friends, that he was born in England, and that is why he spoke English.

And finishing talking, asking for help to save his friends, since only he luckily could escape, and the only thing he did was run like a coward, telling him that's why he was looking for that institution on the computer, to go there , because that institution was only a facade, in fact in the place they made terrible tests, being able to cause the death with their experiments.

The man understood what happened, sat on the computer, read about the site, wanted to help really wanted to help, it hurt to know that they had experimented with that dog and there were many other animals at risk. He decided to call the police, but the dog said no, because that institution would be responsible for buying those people. The doctor, still trying to process everything that happened, and thinking about a plan, was coy, so he decided to act alone, or he and the dog.

He prepared, rode the dog in the car and was left with only a rope, telephone, a bat; They walked the road while chatting, everything that the dog told him seemed very sad, he had had a difficult life, after the time, they arrived at the site.

Arrived at the site the doctor thought obviously I can not enter through the door. so he decided as an agent to climb up to the ceiling, ordering the dog to stay here. He went upstairs to the roof, and the dog immediately said to himself, he thinks I'll just keep watching, under the car, and try to enter through a door. Meanwhile on the roof, this was glass the doctor observed what was happening inside, the site looked like an abandoned warehouse, and he could see many caged dogs, injections, appliances, strangers, a man in a lab coat, and the moment to whom entered the dog that discovered that he was speaking, which was being pursued by two men.

Without knowing how to act, what to do, since the dog was between the animal abuser, and the two strange men, it only occurred to him to break the glass on the roof, realized this, Erick fell on the strange men who persecuted the dog . When you notice this, the man in the robe, I ask who you are, should not be here. to what our beloved veterinarian Erick replied, I am an animal lover and I can not allow them to continue testing.

The man in a desperate robe grabbed an injection with a syringe containing a liquid of a strange color, telling Erick if he approaches will suffer the consequences, at that moment the dog said telling the doctor you are a scoundrel, you will not get away with it , then he bit him, in that moment of pain the doctor dropped his injection, fell on a tray that contained many injectors with many different substances. The man in a robe began to coexist, immediately after this, and died slowly melting.

Observing this, the dog and Erick observed each other, saying the dog to Erick, or to think that one of those injections had touched me or my friends. And Erick comforting him answered, but you see that it did not happen the agony is over; Our veterinarian proceeded to open the cages and little by little to check the dogs, I call the police, the press and explained what kind of site that was, and also adopting a quantity of dogs more. And living especially until the end with the dog that he discovered by accident that he spoke English. thanking the world for the spoonful of adventure and emotion that dog had brought to his life.


I hope you liked my story, thanks for reading it; and apologize for any inconsistencies that have been found in it, because English is not my primary language.
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It's obvious you worked very hard on this. I love the picture, by the way.