They discover a new planet very far far away.

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In the galaxy Alpha Goss, the scientists of the planet Chamuco, have made the discovery of a small planet in the third orbit of a new system, of only about 14 thousand years that apparently has the conditions to harbor a parasitic lifestyle.

It was known by the research team, that the way of life found, is characterized by the depredation of the planet and the annihilation among themselves.

It could not be explained, as the parasites of the new planet, contribute more and more to raise the temperatures of the atmosphere composed of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and ozone in large quantities and other particles of less importance.

Apparently, the way of life that dominates the rest of the inhabitants, are bipedal with power of communication through sounds that emit from their digestive organs, and can not communicate in a telepathic way since their evolutionary development is very primitive.

It was also known that the dominant species is characterized by a constant mating for pleasure and not as modern civilizations that only mate for procreation. It was found that multiple mating is common among all.


At the end of this writing, the measures to be taken by the competent authorities in relation to the new planet were announced. And as no reasons were found for research and cultural or scientific development. The decision was made to archive the reports and pass on such an insignificant discovery.

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