Union Neo-Dixie

in twbwritingcontest •  9 months ago 

Oh, we charged into Hell!
Shouting our great war cry
to them troops of Dixie!

Cocked and loaded our ray-guns!
Ready to fire them away
into the enemy lines there!

Oh, they shelled us hard!
Gas of a new kind,
yet countered by our gas-masks!

Now we reach the river!
Damn Dixie troops hiding close,
we'll put them to rout!

Oh, we bet our boots!
Betting by the very end
we'll whip them Dixie out!

"Pew pew" goes the laser!
Each Dixie troop must understand
to mind the Scarlet Banner!

By the last pew, we secured this river and Vicksburg!

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Thanks for participating in the 100-word short story contest, @theironfelix. I love how you packed a lot of action into this piece, as the troops move to victory.


UwU ~ thanks for the compliments and thanks for reading it!